One day in the BPR. Competition Freedom. Lyrics

Favourite contest "One day in the BNR" — Sergey Balakhonov
Competition texts
First Chajchyts Ales. Thirteenth plot
Second Nartir Nartir. Life that I waited
3rd Andrew Pasquier. March 25 2008
Fourth fifth. Winged rider
5th Ales Rybachonak. Real prazdnichek
2nd Eugene Huchok. Sun over the Niemen (Poem-report)
Seventh ISHS. A day in the life of the BNR
Lena Lütke eighth. Fictional day
Ninth Cyril Staselko. Lives BNR
Tenth Konstantin Syrel. Baby
Eleventh Anton Udod. Dark Bread
Sergei Balakhonov twelfth. Loop tenacity (comics)
Historian, philosopher, writer PRO COMPETITION "ONE day in BPR-2008"
O.Latyshonok: "If I did not BNR Socialists, would be more likely"
I.Babkov: BNR — heroic attempt to make unenforceable
U.Lyahovski: leftist BNR in 1918 had no chance
S.Horevskogo: "The proclamation of the BNR — it was a spectacle, it was a carnival"
O.Trusov "BNR could save Europe"
V.Orlov: "Today, on March 25 they know everything — both supporters and enemies …"
A.Pashkevich: "Stories of BNR in need of love"

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