One day in the family of a political prisoner Andrei Kim

Shortly before he was in the prison clinic for the exacerbation of eye disease. And, of course, that conversation with my mother began with the question of the physical and moral condition of the young man who two 20 he was covered with maternal care and affection, and suddenly found himself in rigid criteria bullpen.
Eyes treated her and now, it seems, everything is fine. And in general, says his mother, Andrew does not lose his presence of mind:
"It is well kept. I him for it is very grateful. He constantly supports me. I try to support him, and he me. And I always leave it so inspirational that all, thank God, great. But the evening comes, and it all begins again … If life is measured by many ladies to the child’s birth and after birth. so I have at the moment we can say — before his arrest Andrew was one life, and now this … "

When Andrew was on the loose, Tatiana from work always hurried home to cook the food lover and only offspring, bring comfort in the apartment where they lived together with him. Now — on the contrary. It as early as possible sails away from home to make the transfer in jail, prison authorities to obtain from the interview with the offspring, or meet with his friends, the young members of the opposition or their parents. And every time at the walls of the Queen, she remembers that happy day, when Andrew was born in a maternity hospital virtually opposite the same bullpen …
Mother and offspring Kims — a beautiful example of the human, spiritual understanding. Tatiana is one hundred percent support in his choice of son struggle. Sentence offspring — 18 months bullpen for the violence of a police officer, was a shock for the ladies:
"In the beginning, when I tried to ask for help from our government in the face of the prosecutor’s office, I did not help anyone. Contrary, I had read all that my offspring of the offender, that he should sit. I was in such a state that I do not Tipo might live. were such bad thoughts burn themselves to direct the attention of my offspring not the offender. I knew it perfectly. "
First lady listened to failure at the U.S. embassy, diplomatic missions of other Western states. She is very grateful to them for their support. Do not leave her alone and friends of Andrew, the ancestors of his friends. And it was God:
"I was in a state of confusion and such a nightmare that just one prayer I could not save. But the Lord made sure that next to me were people who assist me. Before This time I am contacting you, friend. I am very grateful. I am proud of them, especially the youth. Remember the "process of 14?" I saw that we have so many good young people. They are honest, they are strong and brave. And note that all of our kids in opposition — excellent. "
So what is lacking in these young people that they throw themselves into the fight, deliberately go to jail? According to my mother?
"Certainly, the truth … Truth, freedom. Realize people of our generation were not bad, but I think we were using its own bigots. Both were in pink glasses. I believe that we were flegmantichnymi."
During our conversation, Tatiana constantly accentuated the deep faith in God Andrew. Why such religiosity it, their families?
Tatyana Kim was born in Uzbekistan in the family-Korean migrant and Russian ladies. Ancestors were convinced atheists. By meaningful faith in God Tatiana came into adulthood and together with his son, who in Minsk in music school № 17 in the choir sang traditional and spiritual works. Mother and offspring are equally excellent Kims feel and Orthodox, and Protestant churches.
"Andrew is constantly says to me: mother, very often in the Bible is God’s blessing is not dread! .. Of course, faith in God made him that way."
And my mom, too. Specifically, she is half Korean and half Russian, sent the son to study in Minsk Belarusian school number 4, then indeed he entered Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas. Phenomenon: Inside beloved Lyceum condemned him (there is currently Tribunal Minsk Central District). At the State University of Baku did not finish my studies … Father Andrew — Belarusian. And Andrew flows in the veins of the Korean, Russian, Belarusian blood. He calls himself the Belarusians.
Tatiana is in correspondence with his son, had a meeting with him. Is it a feeling — not embittered Andrew in the clink?
"Do not, under any circumstances. He read me, mother, I believe that the referee Ilyin, and the prosecutor did not believe in my guilt. It is not something that justifies them, but states it must give everyone a chance to repent. And he thought that I was embittered. I say: I am not under any circumstances be embittered. Naturally, just be decent, right? But what makes our system? Our kids beating, beating on a physical level, beating morally. I do not condone them, but I have no anger. I only have pain. When I saw Dmitry Dashkevich as he left after fifteen days (we met him about Akrestsin), I just wanted to scream and cry … He came out after 15 days still all in the beatings. As could so beat the kid? For what? "

A.Milinkevich and T.Kim S.Parsyukevich with the trial, April 23, 2008Tatiana says that under the influence of offspring she also revised in almost all own awareness of life in general, and the problems of modern Belarus. But can not accept the lies and cynicism. Three times her son tried for abuse and stained anti-government slogans vykrykvanne. Her son does not use neprelichnyh words. A slogan "Long Live Belarus" she said patriotic:
"How do the words" Long Live Belarus! "There may be an anti-state motto? For me as Koreans. If shouted" Long Live Korea "I would be happy. And even what country people could be happy. And here it is — anti-state … It’s like a mystical world. I think that the judges themselves understand it. ilzhesvedki only these, I think, do not understand anything. "
In parting, I gave a call to listen to Tatiana of the listeners of Radio Liberty:
"Through your radio appeal to mothers Andrew Kim and the other mothers of political prisoners. Proud of their offspring. It — true Belarusians strong spirit will overcome all that fell to their lot. Thanks to you for such sons. This — our future and hope."
Tatyana Kim: "Thank you very much. Now I’m really proud of offspring. Became proud of their child, that he specifically with those young people who were in the dock, but not with those who put in their bullpen. I’m proud. Proud and love all our opposition youth. And of his son in particular. "
Andrew Kim — Youth activist and Christian movement — was born February 26, 1986 in Minsk. He graduated from the Minsk Belarusian national school number 4. He studied at the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas and the history department of the Belarusian Municipal Institute.
Three times condemned by the Administrative Code, usually for disorderly conduct and neprelichnuyu language. First time — during the election campaign in the role of Alexander Kozulin in 2006 (12 days in jail). Second time — in 2007 after being detained during the celebration of "Helavinu" (7 days of arrest). Third time — in January 2008 after meeting business (10 days in jail and a fine of 1 million 50 thousand rubles). Soon after that he was charged under Article 364 of the Criminal Code ("violence or threat of violence against a police officer.") April 22, 2008 Andrei Kim was sentenced to 1.5 years of the colony.

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