One of the witnesses to the trial of 14 created human shield

Young people accuse of involvement in the mess, allegedly took place on January 10 during the promotion business. Andrei Kim was being held. His blame danger policeman during the dispersal business on January 21. Questioned in the case of the prosecution witnesses and reviewed written materials criminal case. Who will view the video action.
At the third session of the court at 10 am again come with friends, relatives and associates 10 accused in mass mess youth activists. Currently 10 people are judged, and another four — Pavel Vinogradov, Maxim Dashuk, Barazenka and Misha Subach — will be tried later, because they just are not familiar with the case materials.
Yesterday, during an inspection of the written materials of the criminal case revealed contradictory statements at different times of the victim policeman Igor Sychev. In the report, he stated that he showed the police Andrei Kim and uttered Sychova it the man, which it thumped. Later, he said, that beheld as Andrew knocked it specifically and disappeared in the mass. Later, he called two more versions. Comment on counsel’s trivial discrepancies and contradictory testimony, the referee and the prosecutor stated that the victim did not warn about criminal liability for false readings.
As for eyewitness testimony of the main traffic policeman Korzyuk,
(Incidentally, he is accused of the case "Human Shield", which has received considerable attention in the society), he has brought his testimony still a huge turmoil in the materials of the case against Andrei Kim.
Perturbation caused damage and the number who provided the Committee of the economy. According to disk imaging, traders lost about 125 million rubles from the demonstration in the center of Minsk.
But the most negative emotions aroused by the Minsk traffic police deputy Maxim Padbyarozkin who called share business January 10, bacchanalia. He argued that protesters were drunk, and threw neprelichno expressed skirmish with militiamen.
Says Vladimir Sergeev:
"I was amazed Padbyarozkin perjury, which read, that reeked of stale on us that we did not miss "first aid" that incident when a policeman was beaten, held on January 10. He not only confused the facts, and specifically lied. Used such words as "special cynicism", "orgy." Referee indulged him and the prosecutor also. "
Now scheduled to view the movie on the action business. In the criminal case has information that Belgosteleradiokompaniya gave investigators all videos. In addition, in fact has a listing of various online information sites about protests.

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