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Those who previously heard the name Timothy Bell (Timothy John Leigh Bell, Baron Bell) and is familiar with the English market marketing services, Bell’s name conjures up faster spider. Not only his rivals but even zychlivtsy from time to time and call it — Dr. Spiderman. He moves to where the crisis, where scandal, where the dirty deeds — but always where smells bolshennymi means. Here the reader and have thought: what a great deal on here for Belarus lord and baron who created the style of most of Margaret Thatcher, was an adviser to the Saudi sheikhs, media mogul Murdoch, Boris Berezovsky, Boris Yeltsin, etc.? Well, in the 1-x, Lord Bell will add another name to the list of exotic own distinguished clients (like "Teran Lukashenko of Belarus"), and will make for an additional PR wizard dialogue with authoritarian regimes. In-2, a trip to the current Belarus — not such much a blank trip to PR analyst, whose empire 5 years backwards in time of recession and the general media misunderstanding with his companions lost almost three-quarters of the wealth that he had, being the main PR people Margaret Thatcher. Then the British media agencies replicated title type: Thatcher’s PR guru spins Chime survival line (Chime — abbreviated title of Lord Bell’s marketing company Chime Communication), which can be roughly translated as: "Tetcheravski affairs PR guru connects the concept of survival."
For such person, Tim Bell, our country — in a certain sense greyish zone on the border with the European Union, in which there is no transparency and media business and where already there are or may be channeled not untainted funds, where you deal with your bank account, think about replacement of currency, etc. He heads applets limited series for the preservation of the pound ("Keep the Pound Campaign") and knows the real value of the dollar and the euro this and can give (of course, not for thanks) excellent advice about diversifying currency zabugornyh conservation banks, protection of deposits and so furtively etc. G. Bell — a good expert for international trade instrument. In 2006, as an adviser to the Saudi government, the Bell led the successful lobbying campaign to assist the criminal investigation service to suspend Joint kingdom (Serious Fraud Office) in naikrupneyshim afery in British history with the sale of combat aircraft totaling $ 40 billion. pounds (The al-Yamamah deal). The investigation was not as authoritarian government of Saudi Arabia, the deal was official ("promotion-voyage" to the sheikhs did Tony Blair himself), as well as some foreign currency transfers reminded habarnyya "kickbacks." Resolves such situations, the Bell is very good at.
Lord Bell — follower hardliners relations between government, trade unions and non-governmental organizations. During the struggle against Margaret Thatcher strikes in the coal mines of Bell was introduced to the Presidium of the State Council of the coal industry (National Coal Board) as an advisor, not only in media policy, and as negotiating tactics. In these matters Belarusian authorities have excellent sovladevaet without a crisis manager, but the presence of such figures in the Belarusian capital symbolic.
British — not poor civilization. However, some public figures, journalists and organizations using the conquest of democracy in their country, not to fear from time to time in public support or even nip fraction of benefits from the left and authoritarian. So, the mayor of London receives significant donations Baksova Hugo Chavez on bus fuel for the poor neighborhoods of the capital, one of the 2-British Helsinki Committee believes the authoritarian government chief defender of human rights, some representatives of the British Conservatives (!) Not smuschyayutsya maintain deputies Russian Duma pocket in the European Parliament .
Use us for huge amounts of money like Lord Bell’s PR — a great luxury. I think that the visit to Belarus, the Bell was preparing not just through the embassy. Worked here over the highest intermediaries. But if there’s not a lot of money and had spent if it’s just PR campaign with a resounding declaration of the letter of intent only political nature, and even if it came to nothing — it’s half the trouble. Not enough money we throw into strips Stalin and sports show! The main failure — in disorientation Belarusian civilian society. This disorientation is already visible in government circles and in the ranks of those who consider themselves the opposition. Public figures and journalists seriously talk about how the president of Belarus "splits" the European Union and the United States, Russia scares rapprochement with the West. Not split, but feared that the fire of one approach to the EU and U.S. relations with Belarus arrangement because sometimes does not quite adequate movement, inviting some and banishing others. Can mosquito embroil elephant and a lion?
Lord Bell all slightly harder. Guests of this kind of alarming. They, with their own personal, not very romantic goals, contribute to creating the illusion that only the "weaving" and "step by step drawing" the Belarusian regime in business affairs, you can change the Belarusian society. This approach may give some economic results, keep the Belarusian power system afloat, but it preserves the apathy civilians, undermines faith in democratic solidarity. If English gentleman, with the title of baron, acquired from the hands of the prime minister of the country’s oldest democracy to Europe, and "registered" in the heart of London, Westminster Belgravii City, said on television citizens of a defeated nation that all of them o’key , you see that the present policy and morality, law, incompatible. When you see on the display tele as salting Germany without any discomfort mines shameless expression listening to the President, where he is accredited, in the address of its own South American colleagues, you begin to fluctuate in the Euro-Atlantic solidarity in matters of corporate morality. Similar embarrassment experienced in time TV viewers all over Europe, if Mr. Putin’s Munich speech after his own meeting with business representatives offered the Germans "distributors exclusive rights" Russian energoelementov in the European market as their own cartridges EU partners.
Unfortunately, even some are independent experts in their shchyravannyami certain projects, visits and utterances resembling common democratic spells time adjustment, unwilling to create differences between eurosceptics and "bruseltsami" marginal palitvayazhorami and harsh policies, between Germans and Poles … No understand that only solidarity, Euro-Atlantic approach to Belarus can assist us to maintain municipal independence.
At one point, when the Lord Bell vacationing in Morocco, journalists asked him what recipes he knows so successfully "implement democracy Iraqis" (how to sell democracy to Iraqis). He said that the main difficulty of establishing democracy in the Arab world is that there is no dictionary in the Arab word for the euro concept of "democracy": "If you will it rhetorically argued that democracy — a beautiful thing, and for this they have no suitablehis wordswell, it’s not unusual that they have a different look at what we call democracy … . "
Belarusians understand the word democracy. Only a little surprising as it is going to Lord Bell "implement" international society realities Belarusian regime as commons "normal European country"? Good product and advertising requests, but not such expensive as the product with the defects. It seems that the Lord is going to really make money on your own Belarus million, he said Russian newspaper reporters after getting off the plane.
PS It seems that our head of state still does not treat Lord Bell as an emissary of the European U
nion as a personal adviser. In an interview with the Austrian journalist, which was passed on March 20 in the evening on the 1st programmke BT, he said again that the EU is dancing to the tune of the U.S., although verbally asserts its independence. In the harsh EU affairs — so literally — is attached in the wake of the United States. As a response to the pressure of the EU and U.S. Belarus will still listen to displace Russia. Like anything new?

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