Only on this youth and hope

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In Minsk, the tribunal began in the criminal case, dubbed the "business of 14 years." Young people trial for violation of public order, which Tipo occurred during a protest on January 10 businessmen. Up to this topic:
Emperor Theodore Lashkevich, d. July Osipovichsky rn "Have a question for the native police. She, of course, saves us, but somehow inconsistent. Stopped in the protest action of the individual — and, for lack of something else, placing it a standard accusation: "neprelichnaya abuse." By this logic, the phrase "Long live Belarus!" — The same language, because for her, we detain people. So here’s a question for the responsible officials: whether Belarusians who want to click here and publicly: "Long live Belarus!" Carry a bag of crackers for yourself?"
Ask your question responsible bureaucrats pochetaemy listener ability has not dropped. And therefore meets the human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich:
"Sovereign slightly multiplies as "Long live Belarus!" On the street can shout as much as necessary. Another thing is that we really are very often used article number 17 — disorderly conduct — against the social and political activists. At the same time make it completely illegally, on the basis of lists drawn up by intelligence agencies. It is really so. "
In This year Belarus elections to the House of Representatives. Followers political opposition movement announced its own participation in the campaign. Expressions on this and other topics in the following call:
Man: "That’s about the elections. We also have no choice. They need to somehow have different names for these destinations. Older people in the villages were collected and they say: "Tomorrow lucky machine, and after — no." Need you all to come and vote tomorrow. In enterprises send a representative from the personnel department and declare: "Tomorrow we must all go to vote." And say, if someone voted. Indicates him off. Not voted — put absenteeism. Well, in the army and students of course, as they are driving a broom. "
Lady "In this step, the best possible president is Alexander G. Lukashenko. Despite the various machinations by various pagans Radzivil he works for the welfare of the people who elected him. "
Man: "He dashed himself lucky. To this thing goes. Came the order: Oleg Deripaska buys Belarusian "MAZ". Now our father to answer for everything. If he goes into retirement, he will add a prefix: was the director, was a fitter. And to do it on "MAZ". Belarusians at least for "MAZ" will earn something. "
Sovereign Rybakov "Pochetaemaya "Freedom", please answer the next question. Earlier in our tax laws ordinary citizen can have 40 days a year to trade at any place in the market and pay for all this just for slotting. And what in the tax legislation at the present moment? Maybe it’s a little help our usual businessman. "
The question answered by one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alexander Makaeu:
"On this day — 60 days, the person, as an individual, can do business without tax, only paying rent place. Another thing is that the tax authorities may limit their metadychkami some items or a list of people eligible. "
"On the Eurovision stage with Bilan performed violinist and skater. Triple victory: 33% each. He should not jump"- Writes in SMS listener Galina. Continuing the theme — call:
Man: "In this wild plant West even sing better cleaners than our folk artists. "
Quote statements listeners about programs Radio Liberty, which sounded in the air.
Spades: "Overheard Vyacheslav Rakytskyy mother convicted Andrei Kim. What bright, full of faith words Tatyana Kim of opposition youth! Yes only at her, this youth and hope. Often I hear from the balcony of his apartment other young people: coarse language, obscene shouts from their place of duty on all of our little neighborhood. police car will drive past them quiet down for a moment. And where is our vaunted BRYU? Over 13 years in the prosperous Belarus we have reached a certain unsafe features in our lives. What next?"
Emperor Victor "I wish to express my outlook about the capital of Belarus, Russian and so on. I sit and listen to Radio Liberty, and fun to listen to that in Belarus there is no capital. Who builds hypermarkets in Minsk! Who build their own stores? Who has the markets in the Robin, Zhdanovichi, Komarovka? And it is only in Minsk. And who builds palaces in Tarasavtsy, Ratomka? Or not Russian oil oligarchs and mafia? And palaces around Minsk and regional centers! How many of them built in remote beautiful places! What means? And this where our antykaruptsyyaner, this is our most fair and the most intelligent, the most worthy? And where he was and the election? Who knew? Thank you. "

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