Opened a monument to victims of zonderghetto ‘

At the opening of the monument to the citizens of Western, Central and Eastern Europe was attended by representatives of the Jewish Diaspora, who came from Cologne and Bonn, Germany salting Gebhardt Weiss, representatives of foreign and Belarusian Jewish community.
Mark Lavin arrived in Minsk from the U.S.. His ancestors were not in the war in Belarus. But he considers it his duty to be here in These days are.
"I came from the United States to express their solidarity with the Jewish community of Minsk and those Jews who survived fears Minsk ghetto, also to honor the memory of those who died there, and to contribute to those who need support."
Galina Levina, created a monument to victims of the ghetto Bobruisk, attended the unveiling of the monument on the street dry. She believes that the presence of such events, even the few people more directly gives reason to look to the future.
"It’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking of modern man. If we do some work, then it means shareware — now one, two tomorrow. If this happens, it’s great. Not even necessarily, that was a lot of people. We are trained and others are trained by us.
From time to time you turned on the telly and saw it, or turned the newspaper and read about it and realized that you were coming tomorrow or for the next day. It is also crucial. If once a year, not now, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will come the kids after school, then it is also principle ".
Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev brought in a Jewish home services, which decided to posthumously honor the Jewish underground fighters for their contribution to the anti-fascist movement.

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