Operation Freedom

More April 25 technical service website "Charter 97" fixed half-hour DDoS-attack (Distributed Denial of Service) with the introduction of a petty amount of IPs. Managed to repel the attack, but as a responsibility of the Chief Editor Radina, the morning of the 26th of the website was blocked. Earned them only the 27th:
"I like to attack shows that the Belarusian authorities continue to block free disk imaging on the Web. This happens during the protests, election campaigns. But This time, curiously, did not work out the blocking level resource "Beltelekom" and was DDoS-attack. This indicates that the Belarusian authorities use criminal methods against opposition websites. Since DDoS-attack — this method of dealing with the criminal information on the Web.
Development of DDoS-attacks follow. Specially prepared virus infecting a huge number of computers worldwide. So makarom attacker makes the network computers that can do his bidding. If you want to block a website, an attacker enters the data and sends the order to attack all IPs on the Web. And such makarom nick can not enter this web site, because there is much a lot of requests to it from around the world . "
Besides RL, hitherto blocked website "Belarusian Partisan".
First year on the resources of Belarusian portal TUT.BY and hosting provider HOSTER.BY, stationed in Russia, has been made the most powerful in the history of Belarusian hacking the web. Members area it looked as sharp zamaruzhanne download pages electric mail and other portal services. In connection with numerous complaints from customers Chairman of the Board of Directors of the portal TUT. BY Yury Zisser sent an application to the Department "K" on the grounds of the Interior Ministry of deliberate action by the Criminal Code classified as "crimes against information security." What was the answer?
"The response has been. But the fact, that when they try to figure out what must be understood: the source of DDoS-attacks look unrealistic in principle. In this it is very is inexpensive — it is possible for 100 bucks a day "customer order" totally quiet. In other words, it does not cost anything. And to find the source of unrealistic. We have completed a study that we went for a provider of Borneo. Tipo there was program that was sending it all. It is clear that there is nothing worth all gone meet. With Borneo — ordinary "snag" pazdekavalisya all. Even finding silly. "
Is it realistic to oppose something hacker attacks? Yury Zisser said yes. But this requires teamwork prof command:
"If we are blocked, there was traffic such that the router" went to the roof ": started correctly, not on those servers to distribute requests. Techies laughed that such can not be. Member at the time who asked me, in fact such can not be. But we beheld with our eyes. adjusted But traffic — and all. These need to be addressed. Please usual hosting. Indeed, our system administrators using Russian administrators coped with it for three hours. Hoster trivial this traffic "kill." He should look where is the traffic, and to settle it. This completely resolves. "
Chances of a good outcome of the investigation even spetsy called "low." As experience shows, reveal hacker attacks very difficult. Since the requests are sent phony, in the best case you can find performers. "
Programmer Alexander Nagorny Zisser divides sovereign outlook about the ability to protect its web site from DDoS-attacks:
"Force 1st programmer if people will sit and just watch it constantly, to track what questions are where, how much and when will stand filters can do to not have problems. And with that poruhoy you cope with the help of experienced programmer. Not even the programmer, and an experienced administrator. If he honors befitting literature and from start to prepare, questions should not appear. "
Noteworthy that hacker attacks and blocking websites of non-governmental organizations and the media in most cases coincides with the mass protests of the opposition.

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