Opposition decided to return again to the political reservation

Tsigankov: "How do you evaluate the results of days Will? What did the authorities, mass detentions — for what it was made, what it was due to their point of view?"
Autumn libertines, the "binge" street democracy — completed

Silitski: "Once detained Marochkina, it became clear that some will grabber. Our euphoria about the fact that we have the power of 25 March "recaptured" was slightly premature. But it now seems that the authorities have no any one scenario in which it acts in such situations. Because, on the one hand, they say state media positive things about BPR, on the other — grabber lasts, and put quite Standards 2006. Because it seems to me, there is no general band, and each is at the mercy of my game. "
Tsigankov: "In the fall and" European march "and" Socialist march "held relaxed, and the other day of days will read as many of. Authorities that currently does not spoil profitable business with the West" picture "mass arrests. Thou art more, grabber was. Why? "

Klaskouski: "That autumn libertines, the" binge "street democracy, which spawned some euphoria when even heard speculation that the taboo removed from the area Kalinowski — ended. This is first with today’s trend of official Minsk in foreign policy. Initially mean confrontation with USA — diplomatic scandal spy scandal. short, political enemies decided to return again to the political reservation
There was a time certain political bargaining with the West. This trade failed — not agreed. As a result, as stated by the official Minsk, this method is broken. As still recently no political dividends can not be obtained, it is not worth nothing here to show some "democratic." At the moment, the main thing that opponents of the regime realized that any indulgences will not — the authorities essentially maintain an atmosphere of terror, tension, keep the situation in his fist. "
Tsigankov: "Vitaly, how can the current arrest protesters impact on business with the West?"
"Alignment of the West at the moment is not very worried"
"Certainly, this is such a step, which the Belarusian authorities should expect that it will be a loss of image-building in the West. Means I partially agree here with the sovereign Klaskouski it now they do not really care. And certainly, will not disturb while with his course not determine Russian President Medvedev.
In addition, the "outlaws", and may itself was a prerequisite for themselves what we beheld. Even if they are "allowed" some "rampant democracy", they do not stop to think that it is "seriously and permanently." It was necessary to cover, and this time was elected fairly well. "
Tsigankov: "Why do the authorities, on the one hand, to conduct roundtables" Russian Belarus "on the legacy of the BNR, and on the other, throws and holds celebration participants and gives them to pass through the streets of Minsk and other cities? As he explained it is" contradictory "attitude? What the government wants to "take for yourself," March 25, and that the opposition to quit? "
Klaskouski: "Indeed, already in the last year was seen by analysts that the government adopts democratic slogans — at the moment is already beginning to adapt and historical heritage, the appropriate figure. Course, this is done uniformly and altered to your own style. According to BT is the story that begins Chronicle Times BNR, and in the last frame the acting head of the country — and the audience is invited to come to the conclusion that it is the actual and real follower of the Belarusian statehood.
Historical figures of the time — they have the power to harmless, they can be uniformly include state pantheon. Will reach the princes ON as the epitome of strong power and control with external enemies. And together with that very aggressively cut off this ideological legacy carriers BNR. After all, this is a real political opponents, and they, in view the power of the place solely in the political reservations. "

Disappears charisma head of state. There should already be some more severe foundations of statehood than the Lukashenko

Silitski: "Again, you can not read at the moment of a single authority, and just about any personal strategies of certain representatives. Even that sounded about BT — I do not think that this is a consolidated position of all power.
But certain ideological background is really created. There are two incidents. In 1-x, out "Russian" generation. In-2-x, charisma disappears head of state. There should already be some more severe foundations of statehood than Lukashenko himself. And it is aware of the elite. They need new means of legitimization — and what they have, if it is not "scoop" and Lukashenko. So they seek out new repertoire. "

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