Opposition punished with fines and arrests

In the court of Russian district of Minsk tried 19 people, more than 20 people — in the industrial district court, 19 others — in the court of the Metropolitan District. Other detainees — also more than 20 people — in a partisan court.
Recall: March 25 riot police and soldiers of internal troops detained under a hundred days of celebration participants will. During his detention were very beaten. Swift was hospitalized 3 people, 10 more matches half the detainees received medical assistance. Doctors have recorded six traumatic brain injury.
About the structure of Russian court of Minsk day arrived a few 10’s of people. Specifically, Russian police detained the district was more — 49 people. Minors, making their protocols released. Another 2 persons hospitalized "soon." Among them — an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front". Jaroslav Hryshchenya

Exclusively in the 12-hour tribunal brought 19 detainees. Family learned that the other 20 people were taken to the tribunal of the Industrial District.
Commandos formed a corridor, that none of those present could not come to the detainees when they were taken out of the bus. Favourite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski
expressed his outlook about the aggressive acceleration of shares:

Yuri Khadika
"Inappropriate behavior of the authorities is I personally felt like condolences to the authorities. Since they are so afraid of their own youth, which are fenced off dozens own commandos. All this is very surprising in comparison with those little boys who are here at the moment brought. And the same look Bug . pity such power. "
In the factory, the Metropolitan and Russian ships first sentences were — fines of up to 30 baselines (a million 50 thousand rubles). But later, the arrests began. In the Russian court to 10 days arrested, Ales Panfilov received the same. Afnagel Correspondent of "Nasha Niva" Seeds Pechanko in the court of the Metropolitan District arrested for 15 days. In the factory, the 7 day trial arrested Sergei Krutkin and 10 —. Maxim Vinyarski
Others, not counting photojournalist "Nasha Niva" Andrei Liankevich, punished by fines of from 5 to 30 baselines (from 175 thousand to 50 thousand million rubles). Andrei Liankevich argued in court that he did for his own newspaper photo. Referee adjourned until the next day, and Andrew ordered at this time to let go. Tags:, BNR, youth, anniversary

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