Or add Belarusians zeal Troopers from the NHL?

A day or two backwards in their own first team match Belarus last minute time lost with a score of 5:6 Swedes. As the game progresses Belarusians won twice. Is there a chance for a successful performance of pupils South American coach Curt Fraser? To this question in the material Igor Korneya meet sports spices.
A.Varyvonchyk "No points — nothing to read"
Sports observers predict not the most difficult path Belarus team in the group, where, apart from the Belarusians still play Team Sweden, Switzerland and France. The optimism is based on the first meeting with the Swedes, when students head coach Curt Fraser only in the final minute time meeting could not keep winning and conceded two goals. In the end the match with the Swedes — defeat with the score 5:6. Belarusians could not repeat the feat of its own standard in 2002, when the Olympic Games in Turin, they defeated the Swedish team 4-3.
Last head coach of Belarus Anatoly Varivonchik, who currently works with the Grodno "Neman" critically assesses outcome of the last match of the state team.
"I was in Turkey, traveled with the team on the collection and recovery, to be honest, not even beheld a single game. As for the numbers, then the three points after that the game was, it may be considered that a good start. And because it’s not bad? Indeed, 5:6, 1:6, 0:6 — what’s the difference? Ultimately still zero points. Let now impose washers and tomorrow, then will do conclusions. And that while discussions more than the outcome. "
Game team at Anatolia Varivonchik may increase. Once the State Hockey League clubs "Montreal" and "Colorado" competition for graduates Kubkak Stanley, Belarusians will join Ruslan Salei, Mike Grabowski also Kostitsyn brothers.
The backbone of today’s Belarusian team consists of players, most of whom played in the Russian clubs. In the US-Canadian National Hockey League — four Belarusian athlete. The championship of Belarus play all 10 teams, and children’s hockey school has not even in all regional centers.
But Novopolotsk school prepared for NHL hockey Kostitsyn brothers — 23-year-old Andrew and 21-year-old Sergei. Virtually days of the local team "Chemist-SKA" got a real appreciation of the Canadian Club "Montreal" 200 thousand dollars "Montreal" translated into account Novopolotsk club as a thank you for bringing Kostitsyn. Andrei and Sergei listed among the best scorer in the NHL.
K.Freyzer: "My family is going through in Belarus"
Head coach of Belarus, the Yankees Kurt Fraser, last year replaced the Canadian Glen Hanlon. Before leaving Canada, during a meeting with journalists Fraser said that even his family will worry about the Belarusian team:
"Family reacted not only with the knowledge and even with a large modicum of admiration in the sense that it had the opportunity to work in Belarus. Many times I talked to Glen Hanlon, and he, too, with great hospitality applies to your country. He talked a lot about the individual players and the team, and these tips are very helpful in their work.
Incidentally, all three of my offspring are also involved in hockey, attend a hockey school in St. Louis. They enthusiastically renders any pictures of Belarus and ecstasy friends say where their father works. There are special video game consoles to a computer such, they are virtually playing for the national team of Belarus. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation, Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov said that the Belarusian hockey though making tangible progress on the world stage, but if it is to stew in its own juice, the tribute is unlikely to reach the level of real. Because, says Naumov, it stands for the fact that at least one Belarusian club entered the Russian superligu where players could prepare international level:
"We plan to be made the best conditions for the development of hockey with the construction of the" Minsk-Arena ". Also believe that 1-2 Belarus clubs joined forces monetary, human, and will enter the league more some of the highest level.
While I can not say it will be Russian superliga whether by that time created a championship, but in the interests and the national team, and all Belarusian hockey, so a club out at a high level, so that our players had the opportunity to play on an even higher level. Because we open a discussion with the Russian Ice Hockey Federation is not our role as foreign players, and will try to get a quote, that 15-20 Belarusian hockey players could play Russian superlize, regardless of legionaries. And the plan that the Belarusian club enters superligu.
We recognize the efforts of individual managers to create any league. But for all that is necessary to take into account the interests of the clubs. They can not match. Because quite difficult to comment on any proposals that sound in over a long time already, but not implemented. "
U.Berazhkov: "The question of sports defected to the political"
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the International Ice Hockey Federation participants of today’s hockey world championship one of the matches will play in the "retro shape." Those national federations celebrate more significant for the development of hockey in a page of its own history.
From that idea was abandoned only Belarusian team that first 1990 to form the image of the historic mark was — "The Chase". The official explanation of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus said about the impossibility of such a step — say, before independence in 1991, Belarus has not acted as an independent team.
First "retro" on the ice in Halifax came Latvian team. Latvians have opted for the form in which were played before the Russian occupation in the 1936 Olympics. May 7 in a match against the Belarusians sweater dress with a picture of the French cockerel — a form of 1968, in which they started in a home Olympics in Grenoble. 16 teams in the midst of strongest planet only Belarusians did not bother to remember in what suits they started the path to hockey elite.
On the days of in an interview with Radio Liberty vice president Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation in 1993-2001, Vladimir Berazhkou mentioned that the path started in 1995 with the arms in the form of "The Chase". And although this is not a hockey story long, but in the "retro-shaped" command would be curious to behold:
"Clearly, this is such a slippery issue. I’d even said that it is more political than sport. Back then it was a municipal coat of arms, which is adorned sweaters national team players … In the form of a retro USSR 1956 Russian national team plays. Canadians elected a form in which they were in 1972, won the Canada Cup. Latvians took shape in 1936.
We have a young team, started in 1993, could and that form would be considered retro. But I read a comment Hockey Federation, they argue that their this form is not preserved. Maybe so, because in the main event then were victorious, and the conditions were such that if the team is winning, then handing out T-shirts hockey players. In other words, they are in private collections. I know that there is no set form. And to make this form, it is a question for the federation. "
Vladimir Berazhkou adds a "chase" team defeated Belarus on 3 international tournaments, including the hit of the bottom group "C" in a stronger division "B". In group "B" team in 1996 dressed in a form with the inscription in Latin "Belarus". In the brand-new millennium Belarusians started to play with today’s official jerseys of the municipal coat of arms. Tags: world championship, hockey, Fraser, Belarus, Canada

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