Or determined Belarusians anti-Americanism?

This is — one of the results of a study conducted by the sociological "Gallup organization" in 139 countries. According to the study, the relation to the U.S. leadership role on the whole quite restrained, the worst — in the Middle East and North Africa.
In its own region, Belarus is not particularly anti-Americanism. For example, in Germany and France the way the U.S. is doing the role of favorite world disapprove 78% of respondents, and only 8-9% disapprove. Even in England, the coming sayuznitsy America, its leadership role not approve two-thirds of respondents over Belarus, however, and approve more than in Belarus — 20%.
In the adjacent South American attitude toward Russian leadership little worse, than in Belarus, although not by much: 63% disapprove of it, and 10% — disapprove. And in Ukraine, the ratio slightly better, though, again, not much: 55% disapprove, 16% — disapprove. Tags: poll, usa, Gallup, anti-Americanism, Belarus

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