Or Lithuania and Belarus will build a bridge between the West and the CIS?

Salting Drazin
said the Lithuanian market as before popular tractors "Belarus" and cars MAZ. In the near future the Lithuanians with delight acquire Pinsk and Homel furniture. Mutual trade goes by five hundred positions, 90 of which — the main.
Journalists asked the ambassador or the effects on trade relations between countries with 2 economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. against Belarus. It Drazhin Vladimir replied: "I would ask these questions now is not binding — U.S. with Lithuania. Lithuania We are two-sided creative process. And base of the pillars in it — the economy. Economy and specifically allows me to read now that is stable , a lively process of development of bilateral relations.
"I will declare to you now — once and for all: some try to speculate on the fact that Lithuania is in the European Union that Lithuania already in the Schengen space. Indeed it is, it — realities. But we the coming neighbors. We are bound by a common history, culture . And it defines our bilateral affairs. "
Official Lithuanian person to comment sanctions abstained. They emphasize that it moves South American, and Lithuania, as EU country consolidates its deeds with Brussels. Head of the Lithuanian delegation, Vice-Minister of Economy Vytautas Nauduzas
sees the prospects of economic relations between Lithuania and Belarus in the development of a bridge between the West and the CIS. In an interview our radio He noted:
"Lithuania is a creation of MAZ, collected in Lithuania tractor" Belarus ", in the northern part our country implemented other projects. Cars, tractors use not only in the domestic market of Lithuania. Their exports and in a number of EU states.
How can we increment our trade? Build a very reliable bridge between the EU and CIS countries. Need to put more global, more profound puzzles, and not only at the level of 2-states. "
But the performances of the forum participants turned out — until better cooperation goes to regional and local level. But when it comes to large projects — here and there are failures. For example, President Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists Lubis led many examples where bureaucratic obstacles from the Belarusian side ruined promising projects. The Economic Observer, Tatiana Manyanok
Attending the forum, said that Lithuania is ready to build a bridge. But the Belarusian side of the problem is:
"What is missing? Emperor Lubis about this read: predictability. Fact, that even Belarusian bureaucrats still do not know what will be the price of electricity. A business must plan their work in this country. And, of course, a lot more red tape — very slowly solved, for example, the problem of land allocation for construction of real estate. " During the forum, from the mouth of the Vice-Minister of Economy of Lithuania Vytautas Naudužas
sounded and such a fact:

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