Or public organization mastered the newest rental?

Public organizations can weave finish existence
Are there incentives for rent in adjacent countries?
Lawyer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak hopes that before puts new accounts, the authorities will take into account all the same arguments against non-governmental organizations constructive rent increase:
"Addressed to the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Humanitarian Affairs for proof of the right of privilege. We believe that the BHC — the most that neither is an exemplary organization that is engaged in humanitarian activities, she is engaged in charity. ‘Cause we naturally expect that to us this Allowance will also expand. But even while the matter is not resolved for us. Because we are very worried. After paying for our office even if more than 5 times (ultimately somewhere above thousands of dollars) — for us it will be very difficult. Well generally raise public associations, which bring huge benefits to society, charity work, on a par with commercial entities, in my opinion, simply unacceptable. "
May will be the month of "burial"?
Crucial for the majority of third sector organizations will be in May, when tenants will receive accounts on the new tariffs. Meanwhile, leaders of associations pester departments, hoping for a compromise. As the head of the charity fund "Children of Chernobyl" Gennady Pear, before the month is quite intrigued by department "filter out": who quit reduction factor of 0.1, and who cancel:
"Most likely, will choose whom shall release from the increase in rent and pay someone to force the brand new tariff. Reduction factor acted earlier moment. What will happen after — even my landlord does not know, is not that he was forced to do with me. Indeed, it is not planned to increase the rent. When the respective explanation, then may besmiling, that for certain organizations will start to operate brand new strap. Then — all this will be the last step to kill the address legal. And virtually destroyed the legal status of public non-governmental organizations that do not support the government. Again the Tipo by law, within the framework, so to speak, "the legal field." In fact be the final settlement organizations that are not subject to the state right now. I’m waiting and such rotation. "
Old only quit rates "priklnnym"?
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Nicholas Cannes states that already of course — first presidential decree aimed against organizations that were noted disloyal to the authorities. If the pro-government Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus are retained, the trade unions are independent of the deprived:
"Already, our organizations are forced to sign contracts. Basically, you can not sign them, try to sue, but we can not force our bodies to do so specifically. Practice could to pay the old way, with the result that there is certainly a dispute between actors. And now, whereupon You can contact the Tribunal. When it will be the court’s decision, and we assume they will announce the verdict that we have to pay — then it will be a harsh document. And so let us in a circle: they say, you have a general agreement, ask that means you did not take. And they nod to the presidential decree: it says that only the official federation exempt from the increases Congress said nothing. But there is also nothing that says we need to take out! "
In general, in order not to fall into the "black list" needed take care in advance. However, not without real costs. Chairman of the Union of businessmen and employers Jora Badey says that his company will not affect the presidential decree:
"No, we do not rent space and have our own space, and we do not regard this decree."
Reporter: "That is, in this situation it is better to have your own?"
"Of course. Otherwise you will have for a long time and a lot of moaning … "
As predicted by the chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich eventually newcomer rule may lead to the fact that a huge number of public associations fail to detain sverhdorogih area, and means will lose the address legal. At least, for the Union, it has already passed step:
"The increase in rents concerned Belarusian Writers’ Union before the signing of the decree — in the House of Writers even for a fee we were not allowed to rent a room. Today Alliance failed to find a room with giving legal address. Our efforts were in vain. Even semi-underground basement are already made out contract, but for the next day were not even allowed it. "

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