Or tear Kadyrov Chechnya from Russia?

In a sense, destination Moscow Kadyrov also achieved their goals: the situation in the country outside measured, terrorist attacks and rebel attacks do not occur in Chechnya last construction boom that began two years back, when Ramzan Kadyrov was prime minister of the republic. But critics blame the 31-year-old favorite in the establishment of their own cult of personality, in numerous human rights violations, racketeering and illegal enrichment by oil exports.
But the actions of the last week suggest that the outer order, which set Kadyrov in Chechnya — a thing quite shaky and far-fetched. Argun came under massive clash between military units subordinate to Kadyrov and forces commando dyversiynaga battalion "Vostok" which is in particular the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. This skirmish, during which the disk imaging on the Reuters 18 people were killed — evidence of acute mizhklanavay struggle in Kadyrov’s Chechnya. Both sides blame each other abuse of authority and countless sins. Chechen authorities led by Kadyrov reach from Moscow chief resignation "Vostok" battalion Yamadayev.
Assesses the situation Alexei Malashenko, an expert on Caucasian affairs of the capital Carnegie Center:
"Because so painfully Ramzan refers to him, is that all people of the battalion" Vostok "- this offenders, he wants possible faster to get rid of them, but does not go out with him. And will not work. Battalion "Vostok" — is armed men that have very high level of combat capability, this master, and to believe that they simply dispersed and give Kadyrov — it is not. These people will always Reserves ".
Maybe Moscow really did not want to give his own protege Kadyrov full authority over the republic. In the end — Delhi and dominion, the principle of imperial rule, formulated more old Romans.
Kremlin has no control levers in Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov can afford ever achieve what could not reach Dudayev and Aslan Maskhadov — the actual independence of Chechnya, and perhaps legal. By the way, the commander of the battalion "Vostok" Yamadayev expressly states plans to turn the head of the republic against Russia. On the other hand, Ramzan may share the fate of his father — Akhmad Kadyrov, who was also head of Chechnya and became a victim of the terrorist attack in 2004. But in today’s situation where virtually all power in Chechnya Ramzan concentrated in the hands of his sudden death may cause chaos and mess in the new republic.
Alexei Malashenko:
"It is unsafe to rely on 1 person. He has many enemies, and in Russia and in Chechnya. He adventurous young man, often goes without protection. He such a fatalist. I believe that the chances of surviving to age 40 years he has 50 to 50. "

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