Or until the end has come Alehno Eurovision?

In the past year, after Dmitry patraplennya Warlock in the first 10 of the favorites of "Eurovision-2007", the Belarusian organizers of the qualifying round for the singing competition made no secret of satisfaction: in 2008, they say, will not have to pass through a sieve and seminal elected to travel to Belgrade Ruslan Alehno machine to get to the end. By Warlock representatives of Belarus — duo "Alexandra & Konstantin" Polina Polina, Angelica — "fell" on the semi-final stage. But the satisfaction was in advance: before today’s competition organizing committee revised the old rules and decided that, apart from four donor countries "Eurovision" and the hostess of the festival in Serbia, all other path will start from scratch.
And this, as stated Program Director "Autoradio" Ira Lviv, greatly complicates life Ruslan Alehno:

Joyful song,
unique idea but it does not

"Ruslan — a very good boy, who is very well able to behave on stage, which is pretty much experience." Autoradio "and I, Irina Lviv heartily wish him fortune in this contest. But …" Eurovision "- it’s not a song contest. This contest faster numbers. How I think, song he had to cancel: joyful, catchy. But every song on "Eurovision" must carry a "message across." In other words, the last practice indicates that must a promise in the song. Ruslan joyful song, European, but a unique idea or thought in it, unfortunately, no. "
Under the roof of "Belgrade Arena" Ruslan Alehno perform the song "Hasta la Vista". In rotation on radio stations in the capital already have Russian version of the song. As to the capacity of the Belarusian besides translation, one of the press conferences actor joked: "There was no plan, but I can sing on Russian language with Belarusian accent. "
During its execution, scheduled item Alehno juggling a la "the boy on the ball." With all this balls that will roll around the singer must exude light.
Soloist ethnic group "Yar" Masha Lahodzich believes that is unlikely to impress foreign circus audience. Well, to the very competition it relates with great modicum of skepticism:
"Nothing decent from some reason you do not expect. Especially since this year Alehno sire — a man whose work does not suit me. I believe that, in the 1-x, it does not take place in the end, and in-2, nothing exciting Belarus with this contest for yourself will never find. "
Reporter: "In general there’s a difference between last year’s fundamentally participants Warlock and today — Alehno?"
"Such fundamentally, perhaps not. But still a Warlock was a certain inner charisma, lust for this victory. And, frankly, in the past I wasand happy for the highest place Warlock. And when This year Alehno even pass on, it’ll be not elated. But he did not pass. "
The former lead singer of "Tarpach" and now Admin "Free Theatre" Svetlana Sugako also believes that "Eurovision" — Competition anything but not the song. Because the results of voting on a nominee Ruslan Alekhno it does not relate to:
"Itself for itself Competition seems somehow frivolous — and in terms of musical talent, and in terms of music, lyrics. Taking into account the recent "Eurovision", all this is simply not taken into account and considered something completely different, shocking. As for the Alehno? Excellent that he defeated in the "People’s Artist" on Russian television, but I think he has no chance to repeat the same at "Eurovision".
Reporter: "That is, in your opinion, itself a competition for assets in any musical piggy bank does not add?"

More Prof. music after starring in "Eurovision" do not become

"On my eyes, it does not add anything of Belarus, a professor of music after starring in it are not. And do not think that enthusiasm for Belarus somebody grow from this competition and the role of competition Alehno. "
First semi-final of "Eurovision-2008" was held on May 20. In the middle of the other end were the representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. Russian Federation is Dima Bilan, who was second at the "Eurovision" in the year before.

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