Orsha: Milinkevich after the minutes were released

The meeting was accomplished in a residential neighborhood Zadneprove-2, it gathered about 50 local residents.
Shortly before the meeting pensioner Alexander Shpakovsky detained and taken to the police department. Kept him almost until the 19th hour: recorded his explanations about the organization of the meeting and seized 137 leaflets. Alexander Shpakovsky using Orsha human rights activist Oleg Grablevsky going to complain to the prosecutor acts policemen.
Police also tried to suspend the meeting with A.Milinkevich. Deputy Chief of the Public Safety Orsha city police initially warned A.Milinkevich on liability for unauthorized activity, and later two more policemen started to approach people and ordering them to disperse. The police officers called several office machines, but ultimately did not stop the meeting.
After meeting A.Milinkevich and P. Sevyarynets were detained and taken to the police department of Orsha. On A.Milinkevich was drawn for holding an unsanctioned event. P. Sevyarynets was questioned as a witness.

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