Our homeland began buying Belarusian banks?

According to disk imaging, in the past year external debt increased over two billion dollars. And in the first quarter 2008 Banks added another half billion. Prokopovich said: "We intensively use external loans, but, of course, so as not to compromise the security of the operation of our banking system."
Past chairman of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich in an interview with "Freedom" noted that the Belarusian banking system in the near future by all means trying to attract possible more foreign capital:
"One could even argue: in This year will share sales of Belarusian banks. Announced that the controlling stakes in 2-large municipal banks ("ICB" and "Investment Bank") have a foreign capital. Another two large municipal bank ("Belarusbank" and "Agrobank") put up for sale about 15% of its shares. In short, as many as seven banks abroad implement a significant part of its assets.
I think that such extreme acts first explained by the desire to attract investments in the Belarusian economy through the banking sector "
Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk also confirms that the process of the sale of shares of Belarusian banks started. Judge draws attention to the fact that the shares of Belarusian banks buy more Russian financiers:
"What we litsezreem now is to implement the Kremlin plan to establish full control over the Belarusian Russian banks of banking and financial system.
I think for two years Russians will be able to involve Belarusian enterprises in debt funnel exit which will not be. Russians will offer cute loans to lure our Directorate, which does not have experience in such criteria. "

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