Our youth such sentences do not break

Sentence participants ‘Process of 14’ at the gates of the Central District Court of Minsk expected a few 10’s of people. Friends of the accused and politicians, among whom were Nicholas Statkevich, Paul Seviarynets, Anatoly Sidorevich, denied entry into the courtroom on a regular basis — for all who wish to follow the process, allegedly did not have enough space.
Two twin-riot police at the gate of the court willing to pass filtered into the courtroom. Gathered on this occasion joked neuzh then in the Interior Ministry has launched the "clan" of their own fighters.

Cprava Kim collapsed exactly 100%

On the way to process the defendant was intercepted by Anton Kopijsh, journalists who distributed copies of its own last word, which was to say at the trial:
"I believe that the case of Kim collapsed exactly 100%. Regarding our case, there is an ambiguous moment. If a formal approach to the evidence, it also ruined. But this is only a formality. It is clear to everyone that we were here and there . "
Dmitry Fedoruk, as well as some other youth activists sentence employees expected on the street:
"So soon mode and acts demonstrating through tribunal that no law there is no even a fabricated case they follow through and make a sentence. And this is an indication that, unfortunately, we can not act on this situation" .
Reporter: "Today you are not allowed into the hall on what basis?"
"Type — no space. Ran into the hall a few people, and then, since the defendants out and says that they will not in the room, there is not yet launched their friends."
Nicholas Statkevich twin commandos also rejected. On the prospects of such trial, he thought:

Trial of 14 are "trying to hold in a very short time

"At this point in the Belarusian law does not exist disorganized political affairs. I, you know, in the political process in the case of the 2004 video was one thing, and the explanation was completely different. But the referee did not send it to the attention and" advazhyv "three Year of Chemistry. Because I believe there is a political order and judgment has long been known. And it just read out, despite the fact that someone would read ".
Paul Seviarynets states that "the trial of 14" try to spend very little time. Though, as practice shows, usually such severe cases are more than one month. This suggests that the political process against the youth "Order":

"Power tends very hem period of consideration. 10 people normal process with all the rules continue for weeks or even months. But then we all quickly — judicial assembly flow execution. It all depends, of course, not from revelation, not from the legal procedure, and from the order. Mode gives the order, and we have a punitive system, and not the judiciary, and there are not judged and punished for political affairs. ‘Cause I think the verdict will be guilty. But I believe that our young people do not break down such sentences . "
All street scene "Process 14" registered on a camera crew Belarusian television. Troika operators and journalists located on a hill opposite the court building, catching all activity on the approaches to it. Duty police even allowed to call on lawn car Broadcasting Company. However, if the goal of judicial paparazzi tried to "grab" the face of TV, those shyly hiding behind equipment.

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