Overview assault rifle Colt AR-15 / M16

Overview assault rifle Colt AR-15 / M16
Since that time the company Colt (Colt) acquired the rights to create the M16 at the end of the 50s, M16 and AR-15 have been associated in the minds of most people, as well as the Colt .45 Colt and 1911. Platform much changed since that time as the first rifles were produced by Colt and was sent to Vietnam.
Operating experience M16A1 rifles South American troops in Vietnam begins to bring the first fruits of sad. A huge number of failures in military rifles criteria leads to a significant loss in a human in the midst of the American soldier. After such an unconvincing start rifle yet acquired popularity priterpev some changes, the magazine writes Tactical Life.

Assault Rifle Colt AR-15 / M16

Overview assault rifle Colt AR-15 / M16
Most of the modifications, as mentioned earlier, were sinitsiirovany during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Firstly, the type of gunpowder in the cartridge was changed to a «spotless», giving even less soot.
In-2, slide group, the chamber and the bore start to chrome, which increases the corrosion resistance of parts and simplifies cleaning.
Third, urgently zatarivaemsya kits for cleaning guns, and active forces begins wide programm training fighter cleaning and care of the rifle, in which are published widely known teachings care tool in the form of comics.
1970mu year to about 20 regular-dural cartridge stores the troops begin to replace a 30-cartridge, in order to equalize the M16 in this indicator with Russian and Chinese Kalashnikovs.
Adopted for service rifle M16/AR-15 listed some of the best and can be applied in various modifications, taking into account parameters such as barrel length, etc. In fact, any additional components can be added after the fact.
Colt also offers several rifles similar to those that developed the Eugene Stoner still during the Vietnam company. There are some differences, though the basic design is quite identical. Rifle, which Static butt valued military customers, including the U.S. Marine Corps.
For many years, specifically the U.S. Marines was the driving force and initiator of all modifications, as for example in the design configuration M16A2 and M16A4. Naturally, all Marines are still convinced that the Marines — it first hand. Because a lot of attention paid to supply them with small tool.
Why there is such a shift towards a model rifle M16A4? Marines believe that increased sighting range (versus 20-inch barrel M16A4 and M4 at 14.5 inch) improves accuracy, its speed. So makarom range using this type of guns increases substantially.
These and other features make this rifle is popular with law enforcement officers in the midst of the various states. Not counting the U.S. Armed Forces, Army M16 standard used in the U.S. police (for example, the Los Angeles Police (LAPD) uses decommissioned by Army rifle), the same rifle extensively exported. They use many of the elite units of other states, such as the British SAS or Australian rangers. M16 has a significant amount of in service in Israel. One time M16 is under license in the Philippines and South Korea. Currently, the Canadian company produces Diemaco licensing options under the designation M16 C7 and C8 for the Canadian Armed Forces and for export.

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