P.Kozlovsky: Kebich would not change symbols

Karatkevich: Say you lyric man?
Kozlowski: I think so, because I grew up in Belarus, on the outskirts of the Bialowieza Forest, which is very excellent singing "Pesnyary". I grew up with them, so — I’m a lyrical person.
KaratkevichWhat is your recollection of the meeting with Belarusian nedavneshney young democrats that you spent together with Misha Chyhir?
Kozlowski: Remembering the kindest, warmest. I never thought that for 1.5 hours the youth will be able to ask as many different issues — politics, life, problems … They were so interested in the conversation that I earnestly asked a bit, that they should let me go home …
Karatkevich: Practically, now for the young — street fighting. Some of them fall in the "kabinetnuyu" policy (at the level of youth branches of their own organizations). What do you think is ripe Belarusian democratic youth to enter the "kabinetnuyu" policy?
Kozlowski: I’m sure that, yes, they so state thinking they are so concerned about the situation in which we live, which is natural, they need to pull in our Party organizations, that they were trained statehood work. Need to trust them more than to believe that they can solve political tasks.
Karatkevich: It seems that you describe the actions of the authorities and security forces during the recent actions?
KozlowskiThis can be called barbarism of our time, this is the true barbarity. And they cost very ruthlessly first youth, that she feared to go outside. But I am sure that these young people will continue to fight, and for them — the future.
Karatkevich: It is said that in the Tashkent Military School you passed some exams in Belarusian. Be able to remember what it was?
KozlowskiIt was very difficult, since I graduated from high school in the Belarusian village of grass, still live my classroom management Olga, not so long ago, I met her … When I arrived in Tashkent, then I passed the exams on the Russian language — written passed perfectly. When it came to verbal arithmetic, I began to answer the question — they did not understand me, see me laughing Commission … I was drawn to cry, because I knew very arithmetic, at one time participated in the Mathematical Olympiad Pruzany region, and a nice lady in the commission said, boy, and you write on the chalkboard as you understand the question in the ticket. I wrote and received five. Was a fascinating experience.
Karatkevich: If you Belarusian army had white-red-white symbols …
KozlowskiWhen was canceled Belorussian Military District and the Department of Defense made and all the troops neighborhood were subordinated to the Ministry of Defence, were all dressed in Soviet form. But here and there almost a month or two, when I became the first Minister of Defense of Belarus, I was invited for an official visit to the United States, and later — in Brussels.
Metal curtain was lifted, which was in Russian time. I realized that I as Minister in the delegation should go to the state form. We did the commission that developed the national symbols — kakardy, epaulets, chevrons — and in the fashion house Nyamiha was urgently ordered this form.
When I first and my staff in the delegation put this form, arrived in the United States and there out of the plane in the uniform state, the Americans were very surprised they did not know whether it is the delegation — because here I took the ambassador and military attache of the United States in the form of Russian … It was very enjoyable and we ourselves seem like generals and officers of the Belarusian army.
Karatkevich: And what is your symbols aesthetically closer to you?
Kozlowski: That was at the time a white-red-white symbolism — it was such a step, and did not have to crush that was manufactured newest power. Was the usual symbols. What did brand new power — it is her fault. I think that time will come, and national symbols will be returned to the Belarusian army.
Karatkevich: During the presidential elections in 1994, you were part of the team Vyacheslav Kebich. Journalists often asked: if Kebich defeated, would he change the symbolism?
KozlowskiI think — I would not. I am convinced of this. Kebich intelligent man, he realized that the time has changed. And for all the dilemmas of Belarus while starting to change the symbolism — it would be the greatest stupidity, and he, I think it would not go. After all, if only had created a national army, and the law on languages was adopted almost a year ago, the Ministry of the board, we have also decided that the Belarusian army will cross the Belarusian language. And it very intensively supported by the chairman of the Supreme Council Shushkevich and Kebich also — that the army took the oath in 1992, on December 31 … Because I’m sure Kebich this step would not go.
KaratkevichIn March 1994, you participated in bolshennom forum in Brussels, where open a discussion programm "Partnership for Peace" …
KozlowskiIf this programm was announced at the summit, which was attended mnistry Defence of NATO and the former USSR, in his speech where I read that I am sure that the management of our country Belarus will support this idea. It enabled our army to have more relations with NATO members, adjacent western states, and this gave the ability to establish military and military-technical cooperation, learn from the experience of Western countries, and it was very basic.
Karatkevich: Should Belarus somehow react badly to place missile defense bases in Eastern Europe?
KozlowskiI think Belarus react to it is not necessary, but as a military specialist and special wish to say that this is a bug of the United States of America — here to promote our radars and interceptor missiles placed on the ground of the Czech Republic and Poland. Error as it pushes the same Russia and other countries to an arms race, and it already carries a risk for European security. I think this is a mistake.
Karatkevich: And what is your position regarding the presence of Russian military bases on the territory of Belarus?
Kozlowski: At the time I was defense minister when this issue was discussed, and we, the military, and civilian control of Belarus and Russia agreed that the two bases will remain — Baranovichi and under Vileika. We have similar weapons, close military-technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus, and I believed and still believe that a great danger for Belarus is not responsible. Another thing is that now Our homeland is doing everything to ensure that these bases are located in Azerbaijan, Moldova or in our area, with the passage of time had moved to the area of, and it will, I do not doubt it. Because this issue will be resolved fairly over time, but to offer push these bases in areas of Belarus, or take a decision about it — I think that would be a mistake in the morning to insist on it.
Karatkevich: Now for a little personal … It is said that General Kozlovsky Monogamous — as your heart has struck your wife Natalia?
Kozlowski: We met in Tashkent — she was 17 years old and I’m 22, and she was very ordinary, moderate, neat woman. If she regaled me soup, I realized that it would be a very good hostess, and so it was. We have been living side by side, 21 apartment changed during this time, we have three kids and four grandchildren and grandchildren will still, I’m sure, because I February 23, the day of the 90th anniversary of our armed forces, married youngest son … I have a very attractive, is not bad wife and I love her very much.
Karatkevich: They say that the genus Kozlovsky — centenarians. Is that so?
Kozlowski: God forbid. All, thank God, alive and well. I am the youngest in the family, I have three brothers and two sisters living in Pruzhany district.
KaratkevichWhat are you doing in your spare time?
KozlowskiWhen I worked in the
se years, from lieutenant to general, defense minister, much was little time to do something such as a hobby, but rested. In my youth I was interested in sports, backpacking — by Kazbeku, Elbrus was at one time. And if at the moment freer — like hunting, fishing, love to work in the country. I everything normal, since I grew up in a farming family, where from an early age were taught to work, walk behind the plow, mow hay, procure firewood, etc., because I am able to do with their hands — including a cottage malehankih Minsk has built himself, with the help of brothers and friends, after already resigned.
Karatkevich: What are your wishes for our listeners, those who spent with us the 20 minutes?
Kozlowski: I am very grateful that you listened to me. I wish to wish all well-being, health, and to frolic our Belarus became a free state, so relaxed we could walk the streets and that no one was thrashed young people over the head with a rod, even if they do not agree with something. People have the right to say what they think. Now they do not have this right.

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