P.Levinov substantiated court ignorance policemen

Pershamajski police department employees must make anew protocols on human rights defenders who blame disobeying police and ugly battle on their adresok.

This petition is granted referee rejecting previous eight — for example, the ability to make a video of the process, the need for the prosecutor’s office documents that can prove his innocence, and accession to the case of the newspaper "Comrade," which are described in the details of his detention. Present at the court reporter of the newspaper "Comrade" and human rights activist Valery Shchukin
referee announced Tipo warning for discussions during the process. Sovereign Shchukin demonstratively taped his mouth with tape, so there was no reason to remove him from the courtroom. If you will be considered anew police reports are written, is not yet clear. To rewrite them, police will again interview Lyavinau and clarify the incident of his arrest near the apartment-independent journalist Vadim Borshevsky to which human rights have come to provide legal assistance during the search on March 27. Tags:

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