PACE calls on Belarus to a moratorium on the death penalty

69 participated in the voting delegates. Voted for the resolution 56 participants, 11 people voted against and 2 abstentions.
In the resolution, the Parliamentary Assembly calls on Belarus to immediately establish a moratorium on the death penalty to abolish Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus, which provides for criminal acts for activities on behalf of an unregistered organization.
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called defenders keep records not only politically targeted victims of abuse, and guilty of such abuses. Immediately to the now adopted PACE resolution calls on the EU and U.S. sanctions against Belarusian officials responsible for severe human rights violations. PACE calls on countries to the Council of Europe for the upcoming support of Belarusian political prisoners and their families.
The current resolution also calls on the Government and the State Duma in the dialogue with the Belarusian authorities to take the side of political prisoners and other victims of politically targeted abuse.
presented at a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe report on abuse in the criminal justice system in Belarus. In the midst of the rest of the city called Pourgourides own Russian colleagues finish support of Lukashenko’s regime and expressed the hope that Our homeland could have an impact on improving the human rights situation in Belarus.
A discussion of the report. The representative of Germany Sabina Leytgoyzer-Shnarenberger Belarus named "the worst dictatorship in the world." disagreed representative fraction Unified European Left Tyni Cox, who noted that Belarus has no other choice but to return to Europe and Belarus should make the first steps by herself. Referring to the Belarusian authorities, gg. Cox said: "Start moving, you were expecting a very long time. Your place
in Europe. "representative of Estonia Herkel called "the shame that in the XXI century, someone put in jail for his role in unregistered organizations."
The representative of the Russian Federation Leonid Slutsky harshly criticized the "Versatile" Pourgourides report and defended the actions of the Belarusian authorities against the opposition. Reports of disappearances in Belarus politicians he called "fabrications" and "propaganda provocations."
PACE Rapporteur on Belarus Andrea Rigoni said that is not enough to condemn the Belarusian authorities. In his view, it is necessary to conduct a broader dialogue. By Rigoni, illusion wait, that democracy itself will come to Belarus.
The representative of the Russian Federation Svetlana Garachava declared bias was prepared Pourgourides report and expressed surprise why no discussion of representatives of the official Minsk.
Gediminas Yakavonis, speaking on behalf of the Lithuanian delegation, stressed that the Council of Europe should start negotiations with the Belarusian authorities and the Lithuanian side is ready to become a mediator here. By Yakavonisa, Lithuanian delegation approves resolution and tips submitted for consideration by the Parliamentary Assembly. Gediminas Yakavonis also sent a note to the need to simplify the visa regime of the European Union for the people of Belarus.
The representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Sobkosharply criticized the report Pourgourides, saying among other: "Belarus under America will not fall."
Speaking concluding remarks, the creator of the report Pourgourides identified: the Belarusian regime itself povinet in isolation. By views of Pourgourides, Council of Europe compromise yourself if going to a dialogue with the official Minsk while the Belarusian authorities violate human rights and do not make the main requirements of a united Europe. "Our duty as the Council of Europe — said Pourgourides — support the opposition and the civilian society in countries ruled by a dictatorship." Responding to harsh criticism of its own report by representatives of, Pourgourides stressed that did not hear anything that would indicate an irregularity or impropriety of the facts stated in the report. Creator also responded to the report of the 1st replica of Russian participants in the discussion, which stated that Alexander Kozulin in order to be released, rather petition for clemency and to perform a specialized function. According views Pourgourides, Kozulin not guilty and should not ask for clemency.
After the speech, Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel PACE session one of the deputies from the Netherlands asked about human rights violations in Belarus, the only country in the continent, which does not go to the Council of Europe.
Merkel expressed her concern with the development of the situation in Belarus and stated that it was necessary to look for ways to support the democratic opposition in Belarus, it is necessary to disseminate as much information about Belarus, so people who are now in the bullpen Belarusian political reasons, do not feel alone.
Merkel also said that she believes that Belarus will become a member of the European democratic family.
"If I was Pourgourides …"
We appealed to politicians and public figures with the question: "If not Pourgourides, and you came to the podium, what would you said MEPs?"

"Lukashenko is not given to hold the law"

Parfenovich, member of the House of Representatives prior convocation, remembered that during his cadence raises the question of a moratorium on the death penalty. On this occasion, even held an international conference:
"But before the vote, before the law is not reached. Lukashenko does not put this law to hold."
Reporter: "And why do you think?"
Parfenovich: "From his point of view it’s still early."
Reporter: "And if I still put on such a vote a bill that would have been the outcome?"
Parfenovich "votes would be expressed because Karl Marx, 38, in the presidential administration."

"The international community must protect prisoners’

In the announcement prior to the current presentation Pourgourides said that, according to the Legal Committee of PACE in the criminal justice system in Belarus for a couple years there were numerous abuses. Some members of the opposition disappeared, peaceful demonstrators were beaten and these and other cases have not been investigated. Legitimate, peaceful actions of non-governmental organizations and the media have been converted into crime. Palitchnyya opponents faced with imaginary accusations and unfair judicial procedures.
Legal Committee calls for the repeal unjust laws such as "anti-revolutionary", a moratorium on the death penalty. Committee also refers to the arbitrators, prosecutors and police in Belarus show personal courage to mitigate the effects of such legislation.
Meanwhile, cases of abuse should be carefully recorded. After all, if Belarus one day join the European family of nations that support human rights, justice must be restored.
As stated in the commentary, the international community should continue sanctions against Belarusian officials for abuse of wine. It must also defend political prisoners, their families and try to assist the victims, perhaps with a special working group of local and international human rights defenders.
"Lukashenko will not isolate the euro Belarusians of the World"

Lithuanian politician Emmanuel Zingeris, commenting on "Freedom" report Pourgourides politically targeted criminal cases in Belarus, said that given the facts he became "classics Lukashenko regime atrocities."
"If the regime in Minsk thinks that all this will be forgotten becaus
e of economic or other benefits that the EU may have on relations with Belarus, he is deeply mistaken, since no matter Kozulin nor affairs of other political prisoners in any way will not be forgotten. They are on the tables not only European politicians, and public organizations, which a thousand. "
One of the most influential human rights organizations of the continent — the Council of Europe, and that there are turning to the dilemmas of Belarus shows that in Europe the Belarusian people want democracy and prosperity, says Zingeris:
"In Europe there is total compassion Belarusian intellectuals and all the democratic movement."
Lithuanian politician said that on April 8, he participated in the first hearing in the case of crimes of totalitarian regimes, organized by the European Commission. In these hearings attended by more than 100 professionals, and among other frequently mentioned and the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.
"Belarus government opponents disappear, people cleared the horror of repression. But at the moment in an era of new technologies and communications Lukashenko will not isolate a highly Belarusian people from the euro world."
"The vote would"
Special rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Belarus Andrea Rigoni Requests the Belarusian authorities to introduce a moratorium on the death penalty. He wrote an open letter to the leaders of both houses of the National Assembly of Belarus Vadim Popov and Gennady Novitsky. How to respond to this appeal in Belarus?
Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial Affairs in the House of Representatives Victor Isachkin in our radio interview said: "In Parliament this bill have different views. Personally, I tend to freeze. But it is clear that not only members of parliament, and diversify our society responds to this dilemma."
Asked how they would vote MPs in this matter, if the vote was held today, the deputy chairman of the parliamentary commission said:
"I think that the absolute advantages there would be neither adherents nor enemies moratorium. Voting was like …"
Hearings and discussions are expected in the second half of a day or
Recently the debate created by Christ report Pourgourides gave an interview to Radio Liberty.
Pourgourides said that unlike previous times, when he was preparing a report on disappearances opponents of Lukashenko, at the moment he did not have the ability to visit Minsk and talk with representatives of the Belarusian authorities.
Belarusian Foreign Ministry refused to invite him to the country, despite the corresponding request of the Secretariat of the Council of Europe. Because information about irregularities in the implementation of the criminal justice system in Belarus Pourgourides collected from other sources available to him.
The main conclusion of the report, he identified his own way, followed by:
"The important message of this report is that the regime in Minsk should finish abuse criminal trials for political purposes."

Step by step, we can force the Belarusian regime to change its policies

After researching the situation Pourgourides convinced that people in Belarus prosecuted for political reasons and in the country in the upcoming political prisoners.
But he is aware of the complexity of the situation and does not trust that the PACE resolution soon it will be able to do better:
"I really do not look forward to the outcome of such review, which would have forced the regime in Belarus to change its policy tomorrow. I understand that this is a gradual process, and I hope that step by step we can force the Belarusian regime to change its policies."
Responding to a question about the ability of European countries to support economic sanctions against the Belarusian administration, similar to those imposed by the U.S. against "Belneftekhim" concern, Pourgourides said:
"If the regime will continue to ignore all the calls of the international community towards democratization in international society remains no other ability effects, not counting the sanctions. If the regime will behave because he was doing 10 years, the time will soon come specifically sanctions that I think the last resort. "

Soon the time will come sanctions, which I consider a last resort

The draft resolution prepared Pourgourides pointed out the need to encourage Russia to impact positively on the situation of political prisoners and politically targeted criminal cases in Belarus. Pourgourides relies on an adequate response of the new president of the Russian Federation:
"I hope he does. I expect that the new president will change the policy of the Russian Federation, and then prior to the Belarusian control to finish the severe human rights violations in the country, and will do if the regime ended these abuses."
"Belarus should listen to proposals Pourgourides"
Pourgourides report created in an interview with "Freedom", said that the main purpose of the document is prepared in the fact that the regime in Belarus "finished abusing criminal trials for political purposes." The draft boards said that the Belarusian authorities should cancel the articles of the Criminal Code, which punished for opposition representatives acting on behalf of an unregistered organization. Human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla said that this issue has long been put before the Council of Europe, the European Union and the Venice Commission:
"And it’s great that the current report Pourgourides these difficulties are lifted up and some suggestions about the exclusion of these articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. Indeed, for these items are subject to criminal liability, we believe illegally on politically targeted solutions, young activists."
In preparing the report Pourgourides had the ability to visit Minsk and communicate with the authorities. But the creator used other sources of information. Sovereign Gaddafi said that he had met with lawyers Pourgourides and gave him the necessary materials. But there is hope that the Belarusian authorities to heed the conclusions Pourgourides?
"Naturally, we are not in the Council of Europe. And any resolutions and reports may have some advice for the government of Belarus. If Belarus wants to be civilized and really takes a European political vector, it must listen to these reasonable proposals and make real steps forward."
Beyond that, as a discussion of the report will go Pourgourides will see representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces, who have already arrived in Strasbourg. Managing the office "for a Democratic Belarus" in Brussels Olga Stuzhinskaya, relative to the atmosphere around Pourgourides report, said:
"I know that they are preparing some proposals to change something. But according to the 1st of the members of the German delegation, they just want to make stronger the signal that Pourgourides wants to send to Belarus. Enthusiastically All will see, I think, that here we have a lot of fans. "
According Stuzhinskaya delegation members Belarusian non-governmental organizations will be in Strasbourg for the week:
"Such things as hearing on the situation in the media, which took place earlier the same reports and resolutions Pourgourides always been made not only on the initiative of international organizations, and the stately contribution Belarusian side — and political parties and civilian society. Very fine, that for each session are invited to such delegation. "
Following a discussion of the PACE resolution will be approved and recommended. The draft resolution, namely, expressed "deepest regret politically targeted abuses in the justice system, which still take place in Belarus," also
calls to repeal article 193 part 1 of the Criminal Code (activity on behalf of unregistered organization). "The Assembly believes that the Republic of Belarus with time join the European family of nations that respect human rights law and standards, including ensuring compensation to the victims and punishing the guilty of misconduct in the exercise of justice, outlined in the report," — said in the draft resolution.

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