PAH, Turkey and the United States — against Syria

PAH, Turkey and the United States - against Syria

In late March, Kuwait hosted the summit of the Arab League (LAS). Practically speaking, the League has long managed to compromise themselves — at a time when the West and the U.S. in 2011 planned barbaric bombing of Libya. Replaced in order to protect the country-fellow, LAS, on the contrary, encouraged her to bombard than NATO countries gave political cover. Was no better position on Syria and the Arab League — even in the same 2011, this organization designed, in theory, to protect the rights of Arab States introduced sanctions against Syria, also excluded from the own composition, on the pretext that the management of CAP «disperse the crowd.» Although these demonstrations at the outset were not peaceful, and ended in riots and murders of police and civilians, and, in addition, many other members of the Arab League’s own repressed demonstrators — in particular, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

And at today’s meeting, the Arab League, of course, bosses — oil monarchies — is not allowed to open a discussion of human rights violations or in Doha or Riyadh, and focused, as expected, on Syria. Word was given so called «the favorite of the Syrian opposition» Ahmad Zharbo who called increment delivery tools militants also give him a place in Syria, the Arab League.

But speaking at the same summit, the UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi in the SAR, on the contrary, said that the flow of weapons to Syria to be suspended. He added that there is no military solution to the crisis in the CAP — likely only a political one.

Question — who will listen to LAS? K to the leader of a terrorist organization or a special envoy to the internationalist?

Judging by the statement by the representative of Saudi Arabia at the summit, there is reason to far. Heir to the throne Salman bin Abdul Aziz urged support for Syrian rebels gun. He also condemned those countries that continue to oppose a seat in the Arab League Syria self-styled «opposition». Messenger Saudi monarchy reached delirium: according to him, will contribute to the maintenance of terrorists Syria exit from the crisis.

Sounded sober voices. So, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman referred unacceptable though any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and the need to resolve the crisis through political negotiations between the Syrians.

Another angry opponent of Syria — Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan — delivered a speech on the occasion of the boorish «victory» own party in city elections (but many political forces in Turkey, including the Kurdish parties of the world, they say about election fraud, in addition, during them during clashes killed 9 people).

So here, Erdogan, speaking about Syria, brazenly declared: «There — our historical land, the land of our Protz. Our people must return to the path of Ottomanism. We construct the latest Turkey. «

In addition, the Turkish Prime Minister has permitted himself to even anti-Western rhetoric, but in fact it is specifically doll West and the United States. At the same time, striving to become even huge Yankees than Obama himself.

The fruits of his activities particularly true visible in the Syrian province of Latakia. According to some reports, the terrorists who came from Turkey to the Armenian town of Kasab, executed 80 people there. But the «world society» busy condemning Russia for Crimea, whose accession took place one hundred percent without bloodshed, and directs attention to the anti-Syrian act Turkey and other countries.

The surviving inhabitants Kasab appealed to the international community with these words: «This is a call to all Armenians. It is an appeal to the entire population of the earth. The world must know the truth. Erdogan and his government — military offenders. We need your help, your action. Our lives depend on what you do-nibudt, so that we, too, did not die. We were kicked out of the house and out of town to the clothes that we had. If we paused to collect things, you likely would have died. Most of us can not even go abroad because they do not have documents on hand. Please ask for the intervention of your government, the UN or other organizations that you think may assist us. All what we want — it live. If you do not respond, we are waiting for the terrible destruction; We will cut coolly as many Armenians in Aleppo and other Syrian Yakubiehe campuses. If the inhabitants of Kasaba not warned about the threat, the world would monitor relaxed yet another act of genocide, and the media would pass to another portion of heresy. «

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-CAP Mekdad, Erdogan’s government is committed to the escalation of the conflict on the border with Syria, supporting terrorist groups who openly claimed responsibility for the killing of innocent inhabitants. Among these groups — those belonging to the «An-Dzhebhat Nusra» and «Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant», submitted to the UN Security Council as a terrorist. In practice, according to a Syrian diplomat, Turkey is anger against Syria on behalf of the terrorists.

Al Mekdad added that Erdogan’s behavior is contrary to the present interests of the people of Turkey itself. Management of this country «playing with fire» by supporting militants should realize this.

Some more or less sober politicians in the world from the threat already Beware plans Turkey against Syria. So, immediately sent several German parliamentarians close attention to the details of the hidden negotiations Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu with special services and high-ranking officers. MP from the Social Democrats, Rainer Arnold said that if the authenticity of records confirmed, Erdogan is no longer a reliable partner for Germany. More sharply expressed MP from «Party greenish» Omid Nuripur, who said that would be absurd that the «Bundeswehr soldiers guarding Turkey, while Turkish control secretly plans to bombard your same area.»

The very same Turkey derives from the Syrian crisis considerable profits currently. It should be recalled that more than 1,000 companies were looted the town of Aleppo terrorists and their equipment and products sold specifically for a song in Turkey. In addition, Ankara is buying at a low price poor quality oil produced by the Syrian thugs artisanal methods.

With all of this mode Erdogan Tipo advocates the interests of Syrian refugees expelled by the views of the Turkish dignitaries, «the Syrian government.» Essentially these refugees exploit — thus, as in the political sense, speculating their suffering, and in the truest.
Turkish newspaper «Hurriyet Daily News» published material that the Syrian kids, living in refugee camps in the area of ​​Turkey, forced to trade in contraband cigarettes in the southeast of the country. Babes whole days of work, and get a measly pennies — less than 20 liras a day.

It turns out that Turkey is simply building his own bloody business on the bones of dead Syrians, on the suffering of those who were obliged to leave their homes. All this is done with the support of the Arab League krivodushnoy which completely discredited aggressive attitude first to Libya, then to Syria, also under the patronage of Washington continue to provide every assistance to members openly terrorist organizations.
Created by Lena Gromov, Damascus

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