Palina Kuryanovich arrested for 10 days

Palina Kuryanovich brought to the court before the start of a day or working. A 9am referee had already read the decision — 10 days in jail for his role in an unsanctioned rally.
Recall: April 2, opposite the building of the Russian Embassy police Palina Kuryanovich detained along with a minor Pauline Dyakova. Maid tried to deploy a banner "No-Russia, Europe — Yes!" Just a few of their friends a few minutes kept white-red-white flag.
Tatiana says Tsishkevich, one of the participants of the picket:
"I believe that Pauline deliberately condemned to our arrival, so we did not have time to tell her."
Meanwhile in the slammer Akrestsin Street continue to be a 2-10-s opposition.
April 2 at the Embassy of the Russian Federation with a dozen youth activists with white-red-white flag and stretching "of — not Europe — so" want to picket.
So Chan protesters want to note prazdnichek day union of Russian and Belarusian people.

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