Part Radziwill castle was demolished. What’s Next?

In most fresh newspaper "Evening Brest" reporting of day-care for young disabled Metropolitan district of Brest. Guys come here every day to against their disease embedded in society. They can not be called the children — because they are adults. But for many of them to the universe nedavneshnih been limited view from the window. And at this point in day stay they learn shytstsyu, skill panels.
"They themselves invent stories for his own works, — told the special social work Tatiana Ivanova. — Arts and panels like the girls, and boys. There is also an incentive to work — already 16 people were get a job and get your first salary. "Over time, Ms. trusts. Ivanova, work can be give to implement. "
Weekly "Our word" devotes several articles internationally days of protection of monuments, which the world will celebrate on April 18. Photo report from the place of dismantling the monument to Maxim Bogdanovich in Minsk, a serious analysis of the situation with the destruction of the palace gallery Nesvizhsky Radziwill raises the question: what kind of legacy have our descendants?
Increased attention was paid to the restoration Nyasvizh castle. There is a threat instead of a remake thorough restoration, consider spices. Stanislav knows Sudnik, editor:
Sudnik: "What happened — happened. Currently you will not find the guilty: it was possible to avoid it or not. Question is, after the destruction of the eastern gallery, no one can argue that the same unenviable fate did not understand the other pieces of the castle. And seems only attention of society will allow not lose Nesvizhski palace. We need to realize that it’s too late to swing swords. Fundamentally save what can still be saved. "
Also on the pages of "Ourhis wordsand "Memoirs of Edward Voinilovich that analyzes shtrishok contract 21 years and calls it criminal, the story of Oleg Trusov, chairman of the Society Belarusian language about trying to collect 5 million rental office of the Company.
"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" knows how Belarusians will pay taxes in the coming year. The government is now considering several options for income tax rates. A "Komsomolskaya Pravda" estimates which option would be most profitable for the Belarusians.

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