Participants are invited to a human shield to the prosecutor

This was confirmed by one of the unwitting participants in the operation Alexei BERESNEV:
"We invited the next day to the prosecutor. Maybe tomorrow and utter something more understandable. But I understand that their last day tomorrow just the allotted time under consideration of the case. Previously, we were only given testimony."
March 2 traffic police tried to detain an intoxicated driver who friends car "Volkswagen Golf" at the speed of 160 km running from "cops" in the direction of Minsk, using of so-called "Human shields." In personal cars, which police blocked the road, there were people. eventually different injured 6 people. Criminal cases were brought against four employees of traffic police, also Roman and Olga Mentyukov — respectively the owner and driver of the car, the police caught.
After March 2 stories revealed that such a strategy practiced by traffic police in the past.

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