Peach crop in Ukraine is three times higher than last year

Ukrainian farmers harvested peaches. Despite the April snowfall, peaches in Ukraine freak three times more than last year.

Proposal and formed the corresponding price — from 5 hryvnia per kilogram in the high season, 12 hryvnia — now.

In Ukraine, the peach is grown on seven hectares. Mainly in the Crimea, Kherson and Odessa area.

But, as notedNews Agency "Kazakh-Grain"the Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU, in the southern area of the neighbors and the climate is much more favorable. So goes the fight for the consumer. However, Ukrainians support domestic producers. First Ukrainian peach — cheaper, and in terms of taste is not inferior to foreign analogues. Ukrainian peaches better than imported. This assured the consumers themselves. They say, domestic fruit disagree without advertising.

And in order to Ukrainians longer regaled juicy fruit, the state builds refrigeration room. Just this year, will launch two new storage facility.

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