Penza hermits return to Belarus

Head of the Federal Migration Service in the Penza region, Colonel Mike Salmin said "Freedom" that Belarus is perhaps now deported Vabishchevich family — mother, father and 2-daughters, the youngest of whom no 2 years. Oh commented Colonel asked whether this time applied penalties to hermits who almost broke the laws of the Russian Federation:
"What we may have a claim to this category of people? I have the impression that people with another planet. My desire is that they quickly returned to their families and to have them all was normal. This is my most great desire. Contact with them in a positive order is not set up. "
Colonel Salmin recalled that earlier, on April 18 in Belarus wasand deported Natalia Klimovich Lena Panasiuc Svetlana Zhukovich Olga Popova Karpovich and Evdokia.
November first 2007 35 people (in including — four kids) took refuge in a cave in advance equipped Bekovsky near Penza. Hermit decided to stay there until May 2008, when, in their opinion, should come to an end. People threatened to burn yourself if you try them against the will get out of the ground.
According to the official disk imaging Belarusian Embassy in Russia, in an underground shelter in Russian village Nikolsky were 10 people in Belarus, in the midst of their two kids. Adults consider themselves adherents of the sect "Mountain Jerusalem" headed inhabitant village Nikolsky Pyotr Kuznetsov. This preacher in 2006-2007 a couple of visits to the regions of Belarus, where it later left to take refuge in a cave, his supporters hermit.

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