People will be less to go abroad …

Man: "I am not affected. I so called "Travel abroad". I have no registrations. But, my views, it is very bad. People will drive less zabugornye in the country and talk with other people. They will not know, there is done. "
Lady: "Who goes constantly, so bad. And if once in two or three years, it is not such a large sum."
Man: "I usually travel abroad by invitation only, and pay compensation to me later."
Lady: "We do not go abroad, because we fully all the same. "
Man: "Of course, appreciation impact, especially for those who travel at their own expense. Believe that it is contrary to the general trend of deepening and expanding relations between the peoples of different countries. Whereas when it creates the" Schengen area "where people have able to move freely from country to country, such a step as the appreciation of the visas may be recognized in some degree as discriminatory. "
Lady: "I do not go anywhere and do not have any information about visas. Not at all to travel abroad. "
Man: "The wife recently went to turpaezdku. Whereas previously for European trip needed pay 30-35 euros — depending on the country, at the moment she paid 60 euros. Naturally, it’s palpable. In view of this part people will seldom go abroad. "
Lady: "This is bad, that visas rose. And so in our time it is difficult to get out somewhere, even relax by the sea. "
Man: "Appreciation of visas for travel to the affected limit for all people and for me personally. Previously, for example, I went to Lithuania to own brother once a year. Now I think, because the means to me seems to be slipping down. In Poland also went — 5 euros was a small cost for the visa. "
Lady: "I’ll eat in Israel. Which was the bill itself and stayed. About the rest do not know anything. "
Man: "Immediately on my appreciation of visas do not affect, because I have no money to travel abroad. But I think that the links of one chain — prices grow. And not only for visas. Prices within the country grow at all."

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