Pharmaceutical industry in Russia is ready for a technological breakthrough.

At the end of last year in Novosibirsk, an agreement was signed between the three regions, the establishment of the Union of pharmaceutical and biomedical clusters


It includes Kaluga, Moscow region and St. Petersburg. It is expected that in the near future will join the Union of Tomsk and Novosibirsk.

In other regions, the integration of producers has not yet reached this level. Against this background, in St. Petersburg, visible all the prerequisites for the development of pharmaceutical cluster. Director general of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.Victor Dmitrievbelieves that such a cluster — "a great educational base" as one of a number of universities and colleges. It's also "wonderful production sites," which is partly reconstructed, in part — are being built "from scratch", and become iconic in the market, said Dmitriev. Farmklaster — this scientific base, added the head of the association.

Last year, the Northern Capital is among the ten priority innovative cluster projects in Russia. According to market participants, the cluster as the format of an impact. Today, on this site you can create competitive products. CEO of GC "Geropharm"Petr Rodionovnoted that in the next 2 years will be running a range of modern facilities. According to the expert, this industry is really young. "We are creating industrial complexes, which are not inferior to its technological equipment of any European or American plants," assured Peter Rodionov. Accordingly, he argues, the technological gap may be reduced in the next 3-5 years."Having a great huge market in the future, we can continue to compete in other markets",
summed up the chapter "Geropharm."

However, the plans of manufacturers will become a reality only when the system of state will earn the industry, including the law of preferences, which is now prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is equally important that there was a federal law enforcement practice of the contract system, and government purchases became transparent.

According to market participants, the pharmaceutical industry in Russia in general, and in St. Petersburg in particular, is ready for a technological breakthrough. In the event that this activity will be supported at the state level may not only reach those standards, which are registered in the strategy of "Pharma 2020", but also surpass them.


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