Photo: construction of the fourth bridge across the Yenisei

In September, on the left bank of Krasnoyarsk began construction of the fourth bridge across the Yenisei River. Before this work was carried out only on the right bank of the city — there are clearing the site, preparing the base for the supports, constructed warehouses and housing for workers. According to the project the length of the bridge is more than one kilometer, entrances to the bridge from the right and left bank — about 4 miles. What is built in the first three months of work, and how the bridge builders understood correspondents NGS.NOVOSTI.


Construction of the fourth bridge started June 7, 2012. Construction contractor was Novosibirsk company "Sibmost", which proposed to build a bridge for 12 billion rubles.

In 2015, the streets Dubrovinskogo and Sverdlovsk connect 6-way road bridge length of 1273 meters.



Stay Bridge will next 22 supports each of which consists of 4 columns and 16 meters in height. Now at the same time elevated five feet. While the highest reaches only 4 meters.


The construction area of support enclosure consists of metal profiles (tongue), which are driven into the ground or the bottom of the Yenisei. Reliance should go into the ground at 20 meters.


Dowels are attached to each other and to seal daubed with tar. "Wall" of tongues is needed in order to prevent the slump in the ditch and flooding fenced area.


Then the dirt is washed away from the well, the water is pumped out …



Down … and concrete slabs, of which the installers are building the base supports.


"The work is stable, we have a contract until 2015. Better than on the construction site of a house. There is built — and goodbye, "- says the pros of the work Alex. He works at the facility since the summer.


For the construction of some of the supports necessary to dry the area …



… And clear rubbish had lain there since the construction of wooden houses on the banks of the river in 60 years.


Swamps, rocks and debris at the bottom of the river — not the biggest obstacle. Construction of one of the pillars rest against the power line. According to the builders, power lines will be moved in the spring — after the completion of the heating season.


For the construction of other support to carry the neighboring houses. The locals do not mind, "it is necessary then it is necessary, the bridge is more important." For the move they will receive compensation in the form of equivalent housing. However, where and when they are relocated — no one yet knows


Demolition of houses will not only continue the construction, but also to equip the home town for the workers, many of whom are immigrants from Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Vladivostok. Total employed at the construction site of the bridge 120. Most — Krasnoyarsk.




Next to a building site completed construction of an office complex for the section heads.


Builders working day lasts 12 hours. The first shift runs from 8:00 to 20:00, the second — from 20:00 to 08:00. Work in shifts 15 days in a row — building, 15 days — holidays.



At lunch hour is given. Many leave after a smoke break in the dining room on the street 60 October.


During the talks the usual cards — about life, work conditions, salary. Wages generally satisfied: fitters and welders for 15 days receive 25-35 thousand, electricians — 10-15.



Over 53 years Viktor built in Krasnoyarsk two bridges — "777" and on the street. Michurina. "I have some girls in the family, where they in construction? Were the guys, maybe there would dynasty "- dreams of builder with a mug of tea.




Four years ago, 22-year-old welder Vyacheslav graduated from college, and in that time has worked on the construction of 14 bridges. Now studying to be an engineer, "to move from the street to the shop."


Construction of the first pillar in the river began in August. By mid-October of the fenced off area will Unloading water and winter mostostroevtsy descend to the bottom of the Yenisei. Vyacheslav desire to move to a warm shop becomes very clear.


Work gives a good start to begin the drive to the tongue rocky bottom of the Yenisei …


… And another tongue slowly enters into the bottom of the river. Sometimes the tongue rests on solid rock and crushes it.


Especially for in-stream works company "Sibmost" equipped on the right bank of the river pier, which runs from the barge. A team of 14 people goes to lunch.


"While the move — the health fails. All diseases are popping up on vacation "- meets 59-year-old welder Vasily teammates on offer rest.



On the left bank of the Yenisei work began in September. The river bed here is not rocky. The builders are preparing for the construction of the towers.


Last winter, the former mayor Peter Pimashkov Krasnoyarsk invited to choose the name for the new bridge — one of the options being discussed was "Nicholas bridge."

The material was prepared Ponarin Anton and Anton Yakunin, photo 2 —

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