Photo essay about the life of pilots airfield Central Angle

January 22, Russian Air Force air defense celebrated their professional holiday. In honor of this blogger zeka-vasch visited the military airfield "Central Corner", which is located 25 kilometers from Vladivostok, and made a detailed photo report on the life of the military pilots.

Many make the photo caption below the smile, but still — offer available. For the record:

Central Angle air base in Primorsky Krai, which deployed 4th Guards Fighter Group 6983rd Air Base Russian Air Force. Located on the northern outskirts of the city Vladivostok, 9 km south-west International airport "Vladivostok". Built in the second half of the 1950s to replace the airfield 'Corner South. " Since the construction of the airport was based on 22-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment Soviet air defense (Formerly the 6th Fighter Wing Aviation Pacific Fleet), who had in service in different years Su-7, Su-9, Yak-25, MiG-23, Su-27. In 2009, combined with the 530 Fighter Wing (formerly based in Sokolivka) in 6989 th Air Base, later in the 4 th Air Group 6983rd Air Base of the Eastern Military District, which is part of the organizational 3rd Air Force and Air Defense Command. For 2013 are based on the airfield Su-27SM/UB two fighter squadrons and one squadron of MiG-31 interceptor

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