Photo: Flying over the Novosibirsk (Summer 2013)

Fotooobzory Novosibirsk from a height already, but if I remember correctly, you can see objects that do not come across before. And, as always with this author, the photo is very informative and give an excellent idea of the appearance of the city.

I often think it would be great if the project is launched across Russia — similar stories about all the major cities of the country!

Photo report of Fame Stepanova (LJ Gelio)

In 2013, Novosibirsk 120 years. I have repeatedly pointed out that the capital of Siberia is shooting from a height: it appears in a different form. From the height of the structure is perfectly visible, the outlines avenues and highways, and most importantly — not visible to traffic jams, parking problems and bicycle paths. But it is clear that Novosibirsk — a much greener city than is commonly believed. In this post I have collected fresh summer photos of Novosibirsk taken from a helicopter.


Opera house

October highway passing in the street of Kirov

The building of the Museum of Local History

Red avenue

Square on the street. Ordzhonikidze (which still does not even have a name)

Lenin Square

Park "Urban beginning"

Railway station "Novosibirsk-Main"

Central Park

Pervomajskij Square

Prospect Dimitrov

Sverdlov Square. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

River station. Street Sunrise

Construction of a third bridge over the Ob. By the way, the bridge is also required to name

SGUPS (Siberian State University of Railway Transport)

Trinity Cathedral

Novosibirsk Planetarium

Chelyuskinsky zhilmassiv

District "Clean Sloboda"

Ippodromskaya highway, street Frunze

Below see the LCD "Seventh Heaven"


Residential complex "Four Musketeers"

Construction LC "Bavaria"

District "Red Hill" — without a single tree, it looks like the ghetto

District "Springs"

The most progressive construction of new residential areas is here

Agricultural Sciences

Lower Eltsovka

Street Lesosechnaya


The largest shopping center in the city — "Aura"

Fairgrounds — the largest in the Urals International Exhibition Complex

Tolmachevo Airport

Building domestic and international terminals. International is currently under reconstruction. It is seen as something to it being parked

The first (main) runway 7-25

The axis of the Red prospectus

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