Photo report of the match, Rostov — SKA — 2-0 (war banner-2)

November 6, 18:00, Rostov-on-Don, the stadium "Olympus-2", the final match of the 2008 season in the 1st league. "Rostov" has provided an outlet to the Premier League, and SKA kept in this division. The match in the first round between these two teams saw the banners of this war, which, according to the "Football-SFD", won by the fans of the SKA. Now, fans of "Rostov" took a convincing revenge. However, some of the posters looked offensively and ambiguous with respect to the army team. On the other hand, in the first round of the army were also posters for fans of hard-hitting "Rostov". In general, fans of "Rostov" very seriously prepared for the derby. In the entire history of the fan movement it was the most massive and concerted campaign to support their team. To their credit — they have created a show at the stadium, the fans gave an amazing performance. The forces in the war banner were not equal for one reason. AJ making banners "Rostov" (and all fire-show), fans of the townspeople were allocated, according to unofficial data, 80 thousand rubles. Fans also SKA produced banners for their money. [Cut] Before the match, fans of "Rostov" pointedly did not respond to a request from a leading showman support their team. But with the referee's whistle to start of the match in the north stand together they raised their team colors (yellow and blue) and a poster "Showtime," which shows the executioner. Thus, the fans expressed their attitude to the organizers of the festival, making it clear — who is the chief organizer of the show. Fans filled almost the entire northern tribune. [Img =] Fans SKA located on the eastern stand, near the south stand. They took three sectors. As fans can support their team, and the players in the first minute of the SKA had the advantage. [Img =] warmed up, fans of the "Rostov" lay out the second banner, which they compare the current state of affairs "Rostov" and SKA. [Img =] After the first goal against SKA fans of "citizens" put up the poster "We sat down in a puddle — rounded". [Img =] Fans SKA responsible patriotic poster with the coat of arms of Rostov-on-Don, they project themselves to his native city — "We have been, are and will be!" . [Img =] Groupings like foil fencers, continue to exchange barbs. But this banner fans "Rostov", according to the "Football-SFD", looks the most controversial and unsuccessful — "You only our shadow!". Depicts King (meaning "Rostov"), and it departs from the shadow of a horse (mascot SKA). However, everyone knows that the glory and valor of the Don Cup brought it SKA, its victories in the Cup of the USSR and the Union championships. The "Rostov" in the asset 0 no achievements. [Img =] Fans SKA logical answer — "Che is fashionable, but something forever." By this time their team is already losing 0-2. [Img =] In the second half part of the fans, "Rostov" suddenly shifted to the south, the unfinished platform. Before that it was empty. The maneuver was so unexpected and effective that the police and security services was not ready for. Abandoned Fire is about to set fire to the wooden fence. But the tree survived. Two rival groups of fans are already close to each other. But it seems that this evening are all set for a holiday and do not go too far. Fans of "Rostov" chant something unpleasant in the direction of the SKA fans. This is a key moment of confrontation between fans that emphasizes winning fans "Rostov", the real masters of the stadium. [Img =] Fans "Rostov" continue to amaze with their fiction. In parallel, forced marches south tribune, in the north stand appears improvised sosiski. If the letter of the word sosiski remove the soft sign, you get an unpleasant expression to the SKA. After a minute of sosiski released into the air yellow and blue balls (color form "Rostov"). [Img =] Fans SKA meet the poster of the 12th player, which is the SKA fans. Player shows a horse — a talisman of the SKA. [Img =] Fans "Rostov" responsible poster about "ponyashek" — so they call their apponenta of the SKA. The content of the poster is quite vague and clear, probably only the fans of the two sides. [Img =] Fans intercept SKA initiative, posting a sentimental and kind of devotion to the poster SKA since childhood. Shows a boy riding a wooden horse. [Img =] His main poster — an appeal to President Ivan Savvidi SKA — CSKA fans hung the curtain match. It read: "Solomin, at the crossing of horses do not change." Its meaning is that today there is talk that Savvidi again become part of the shareholders "Rostov". Savvidi himself in this situation says one thing — I can not imagine myself without Rostov football. [Img =] A few minutes before the final whistle, torch started the show. Fans "Rostov" on the unfinished south stand lined with flares in the form of signs, "PL 09" — which means hello, premr League in 2009. [Img =] Fans "Rostov" gave the fans a great show. [Img =] Given that "Rostov" are no Cup, the regional authorities have made it a 1st Cup (in the first league trophies are not handed over ). Cup was made with the assistance of the Rostov firm Zodiac-2000. Its height with lid — 82 cm, modelc called Amsterdam, gold-plated cup is worth about a thousand dollars. [Img =] Photos "Football-SFD" and the newspaper "Football courier"

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