Photo: road and rail routes Adler mounted by 98%


At construction sites combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service" is completing the installation bridge spans. Provided project from 104,800 tons in the presently mounted about 102,400 tonnes of steel (98%).

The construction of railway bridges has been completed, a first test drive the new line took place on 8 December this year. Major efforts are now focused on the construction of three road bridges, their spans are planned to mount by March of next year.

— Nearing the end of a very important stage of road construction — installation of bridge spans, — said Sergey Sin, head of the engineering preparation of Sochi division of the company "BUILD TRUST" group company "IC BRIDGE". — One hundred and five thousand tons — this is a huge amount. I know of no other construction in Russia, where it was used to the amount of metal. The supply of steel was carried out 9 Russian factories six companies of "Mostostroyindustriya", NGO "Mostovik", "Tyumenstalmost" Belgorod plant and bridge structures. Since the task manufacturers have coped successfully, the amount of metal it is made with high quality and delivered on time.

Especially for this track institute "Giprostroymost" a new type of bridge spans — Bolt-on welded joints, the main advantage of which was a higher rate of installation. This type of bridge spans made possible the laying of track structure on the railway bridges "on the ballast."


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