Photo / Videofact: Su-25SM in Primosko-Ahtarsk


Today Kuban pilots first took the helm of the newest Su-25SM3. Attack aircraft entered service airbase in Primorsko-. The flight watched our correspondent.

Sioux 25SM3 — is the latest modification of the famous attack aircraft. At the base in Primorsko-delivered eight such aircraft. Externally, they are no different from their predecessors, the developers felt that the existing housing is quite optimal. But the filling has changed.

The new Su-25SM3 fitted with a satellite navigation system GLONASS, thanks to her pilot can operate independently, without the help of terrestrial services in all weather conditions, even in zero visibility, and at an altitude of almost twice that of a conventional Su-25. Another innovation — is an indicator of the sight. Thanks to him, the pilot does not necessarily look around — all the information is in front of him.

According to the pilots in the battle to help accomplish the task, and may even save the life of just one second. It is understandable why it is necessary laser light scope. It allows you to focus all attention on the goal and do not get distracted from monitoring devices.

— He sees this purpose, it visually detects and just starting to build a maneuver seeing a ground target, without losing contact with the ground and also to seeing the aircraft parameters, ie speed, altitude. And, accordingly, seeing these parameters, you can execute an effective attack ground targets, — said Oleg Molostov, air group commander of the Southern Military District.

Sioux 25SM3 was three times more effective than its predecessors. And, despite the fact that now more aircraft electronics maintenance Forward kapriznee not.

— Filling the aircraft made a lot easier. Much less time is in service. That is, the combat readiness of the aircraft much more efficiently — Michael Kondratiev, head of the aviation group.

Most of the crews have been trained in Lipetsk. There pilots studied the theoretical part and use the machine. But the simulator can not give those feelings that they are experiencing in the sky. Today, one of the first aircraft in the air lifted Ivan Baturin.

After 40 minutes of attack Ivan landing. Introducing the new aircraft has gone well. According to the pilot, the Su-25SM3 lived up to his expectations.

— Upgraded Appliances, virtually trouble-free, very well implemented. Modern avionics on the aircraft, allowing for the full range of combat missions aircraft, respectively, efficiently and accurately — shared Ivan Baturin, pilot.

In the late 60's the Su-25 was considered unnecessary. But the designers have kept Sukhoi drawings. He started flying in '81, was the attack aircraft and brilliantly proved in numerous armed conflicts. The Russian military intend to operate until at least 2020.

Written by Andrew Sekretarev


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