Pictures: Plant GrAZ (Grabowski Autoworks)

Please keep photographic coverage of the current state of Russian industry. This series of images found on ZAVODFOTO, shows GrAZ plant, located in the Penza region.

Grabowski car plant — One of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of road tankers for the transportation and temporary storage of petroleum products. Factory tanks can be installed on all types of domestic and foreign chassis.


Milk and mortars

The company history started in difficult times — in October 1941, then on the basis of evacuated Ukrainian plant. In the village of thieves Hrabovo Penza region. was created company, which produces components for mortars, spare parts for tankers, as well as machines for decontamination areas.

After the war the factory changed their profile. In 1949, Grabowski mechanical, as it was then called, made fire equipment, fuel carrier, tanker for agricultural machinery and trailers for the transport of milk.

Issue fueling technology has become the main type of production for the plant in the late 60's. Since that time the company began a new era: the plant is almost completely rebuilt production facilities. The annual output of motor vehicles and trailers for various sectors of the economy was about 6 thousand per year.

Suitcase type

90th. were difficult for the Russian industry. Despite the fact that many businesses closed or idled, the factory managed to keep the staff and the job profile. In accordance with the requirements of the market in Hrabovo crossed with the release of ten basic models to the production of more than a hundred kinds of products. At that time the plant was obtained, for example, tanks made of aluminum alloy and tanks "suitcase style" with a low center of gravity and straight side walls, not going beyond the cockpit.

In the late '90s the company started to develop airfield tankers to replace outdated equipment Mariupol. Currently airfield buses "Graz" is used in the largest airports in Russia and the CIS countries.

In 2006, the factory began to produce tanks for crude oil, bitumen and heavy oil, and developed a new model of tankers. In 2007 he was commissioned a new painting and drying complex, will boost productivity, durability and reliability of the color. A year later, "Graz" opened a new processing line of sheet materials, due to this increased precision metal cutting and accelerated assembly of machines.

Working in three shifts

During the global financial crisis in 2008, adopted a plan of strategic development of the plant. In the modernization of production has been invested about 200 million rubles. — The money to plant new equipment purchased abroad. For example, the enterprise appeared imported machine with which it became possible to produce complex shapes mnogoradiusnyh.

To minimize the impact of the crisis on the activities of the company in 2009, the factory workers selflessly worked in three shifts, and the monthly production capacity reached 150 vehicles.

As a result of changes in labor productivity in the "Graz" has quadrupled. If earlier to make one tank required 30 machines, after the modernization of production was enough and five. The plant has modern laser systems. They allow you to expand the sheet metal on the many details themselves calculate optimal cutting sheet and reported to the nearest second, when the work is finished. The basic units are connected to the plant fiber optic network with high-speed Internet access. The designer sends an electronic drawing of a programmer who wrote the program, and the data goes directly to the machine that churns out the details.

In 2011 Grabowski car plant went on the level of production to pre-crisis levels, with revenue of 1.6 billion rubles. The plant currently employs nearly 650 people, the level of their salary is much higher than the regional average.

The plans for the company — the optimization of welding, the main technological process. This will be purchased portal robotic welding station for the production of gas.

Source: Put.RF

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