Pilgrims come, drink, steal …

Pilgrim: "I here from time to time come as a pilgrim."
Reporter: "From a distance?"
Pilgrim: "With Borisova."
Reporter: "You’re driving from Borisov here?"
Pilgrim: "Yes. Want at least one trip to the post."
Reporter: "Why did you drive here specifically? In Borisov, there is a temple."
Pilgrim: "Temple — this temple. A monastery — it completely different. In the monastery of other furnishings. Father here very great. Listen. "
Reporter: "And you will find here …"
Pilgrim: "Help. Divine assistance."
Holy Annunciation Orthodox monastery started its activities in 1994. Need to pay tribute to the churchmen. They are not distorted view of the temple where the initial foreign onion dome. But cordoned off the area and a thick high masonry. Around the monastery gate dozing bamzhavataga bearded form youth. Pensioner that care for your own backyard, talkative and mischievous lady living here since birth.
Reporter: "And what has changed something in the Lesser Lyady?"
Lady: "Nothing has changed. Became only more crime."
Reporter: "Yes?"
Lady: "These pilgrims come here, they drink and steal."
Reporter: "Pilgrims drink and steal?"
Lady: "Well, what did? All these pilgrims are all prisoners. Whom have nowhere to go. They go out of bullpen, where to go? They converge here. When the school was, there was more quiet. Here Truckers and many were not. somehow we were not afraid to live. And now, you know … They can climb and in the garden. And clothes, underwear shot. sold, boozed away. "
The church operated still relatively not so long ago. Closed her Khrushchev.
Lady: "Here at Peter, this number prazdnichek feast. Zyazhzhalisya like there was fair. This is the place that they fenced with a fence, there was so much … Earlier on all stallions. Kiosks, shops exhibited here."
Reporter: "When closed the temple?"
Lady: "No. The temple also worked in the 60s. And after mill did. There was the mill. Grain peppered church up to the top."
Reporter: "As the elevator."
Lady: "Yes."

Vladimir: "age with a day or birthday Lenin. 1970. They come to us, "Let me put concert brigade, to give a concert in honor of the birth of your leader." Zampolit thinks that answer. Takes loudspeaker. "Thank you for the congratulations and for what not to zabyvaetsesya century leader of the world proletariat" And later still, we were not allowed to. "
Reporter: "Let him have time."
Vladimir: "And they came close, and both gave the speakers. We listened to all these jazz negrytsyanskiya them."
Reporter: "It was in the sea?"
Vladimir: "In the ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean."
And they say that we have with America was once cool war, the arms race and the expectation of a nuclear strike. Maybe she attended the tele, and just a Atlyantytsy bratanne was between squadrons of aircraft carriers.
Vladimir: "In our time more suited to their squadron. They already sent towards their own fighters, interceptors. Encountered. Going wing to wing. Commander shouts" Gun whole stall! Do not touch the gun! "Amerikosy, especially white Americans -" Hi! "-" Wow! What do you seek? Follow me. In, an aircraft carrier. "Led showed himself. But blacks fists demonstrated. Whitewashed showed no never."
While I sweetens the story of Soviet-American friendship, on a visit to Vladimir Silvestravicha gone neighbor, Ivan Lazarevic Burdilav. Lean, taut, with old iron gaze exchanged eighties. He last fighter pilot, he waged war on the earth next to the Little Colonel Brezhnev, he holder of many awards, he was the last director malalyadkay school. Looking at him, I immediately remembered a phrase from Russian movie "DMB". "So grandfathers need to put stations iron monuments." I hesitantly, only to start a conversation, congratulated the veteran with the resumption of services in the church. They say, is where to go to pray for their retirement. And he received from a former fighter destroying response.
Ivan: "We atheists to the bone. Now it is back to the Middle Ages, no frame does not fit. Certainly, you need to find other forms and methods of educational work."

Vladimir: "The Church has worked. Here baptized, married, oh. Here hundreds of people gathered. And no one chased and is not intended to drive. But at the moment where the monastery was ten-year school. Headmaster concert gives his pop singing. Amicably live . Nobody does not disturb anyone. Currently, for some reason … You see what cards have built? When Berlin was closed, such was not the fence. Easier. And here is fenced off from the world. "
Ivan: "Fence me right under the window. I did not know that the time will come when you will return back. I was sure that you never go back. So why do you deprive me of the ability to live? I replaced in order to go directly 100 meters should pavkilyametra get around. "
Fascinated by the veterans, I have longed to hear real ode in honor of the majestic leader and teacher, the father of all nations. And again, was shocked. Belarusian veterans — people are not ordinary!
Reporter: "How do you feel about Joseph Stalin?"
Ivan: "Tyrant from nature. Came to power at a time when every democracy and democracy — only title was. We were the richest country in the world. With such supplies! And worse of all lived in the world. Peoples coffin in references camps. We ruined civilization color! Because, naturally … If he had not died in the 50 3rd, and here and there in the fortieth year, of course, the war would not escape us. But the measures taken to help out. trample something we- where in Belarus. But the Volga! These are never would have happened. "
I went over the fence, which is so like the residents of small Liadov. Inside the church I was disappointed. Many grayish color. Floor-to-ceiling walls of the temple are plastered. And grayish wall hanging icons. Bearded, with joyful eyes novice pigeon cat on the porch.
Novice: "I heard that the church was painted by one hundred percent. Needed lot of money. And its just a thin layer leveled. Even the icon is notwhere he washang on, make a hole. Everywhere there were paintings. Restore very expensive. "
Reporter: "And the painting slipped?"
Novice: "Yes."
Reporter: "What led you to leave the world?"
Novice: "And what is decent, in that world? Some tasks. What’s that decent? "
Reporter: "not quite good enough …"
Novice: "Only one road here. They have all been exhausted. Just one evil remains. Nothing else. Evil, debauchery. And that, is not it? Road alone, to God. He made us. All we come here. But what will come, great or bad, it depends on us. "

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