Pippi Longstocking spoke in Belarusian

The Russian translation of this work, for disk imaging Swedish holders "Saltkrakan", became the 64th foreign language translation on.
The book came out with unique illustrations Danish artist Ingrid Vang Nyman, with the same cover and very close to the Swedish edition design.
The world-famous Swedish writer work translated into Belarusian Dmitry Plax. Book editor — Yuri Bushlyakov. Design and layout of books, illustrated with drawings by traditional Danish artist Ingrid Vang Nyman prepared Gennady Matsur. The book was published by Dmitry Kolasa. Project Coordinator — Alexandra Makovik.

Stefan Eriksson Managing branch of the Embassy Stefan Eriksson
said "Freedom":
"We all grew up on the books by Astrid Lindgren, and movies too. Directly behind the wave came Astrid Lindgren children’s writers. Sweden is very powerful in this particular."
He read to the crowd:
"I love all languages. I love my native Swedish, English, Russian love too. I have two and a half years working here and doing the Belarusian language. Not so long ago, I participated in such actions in support of the Belarusian language as the first nationwide dictation. I Naturally, errors had written, I thought — had a lot of … This text Frantisek Bogushevich. There is such a phrase, it I really Like: "Do not leave the same language of our Belarusian, not to die." TranslatorDmitri Plax

Project coordinator and translator Alexander Makovik Dmitri Plax
"It was naturally curious and very hard, because it is very hard to translate the children’s work. Especially works that the reader has some idea. They know how Pippi should read as it should be called, what tone should sound, and the entire book etc.. Well, of course, there were difficulties and professional. " Project Coordinator Alexander Makovik
a question which will be followed by work, replied that it depends on the readers on how quickly they will get books on whiteRussian language.
"Certainly, this book began for me with summer vacation. I was eight years old. I immediately read it a couple of times in a row. Studied in detail, all the pictures and seriously considered, so as not to return it to the library. But I know that there Librarians have, because I would say that honestly it still returned. Since fairness first as stated Pippi Longstocking itself, so someone else also wants to read it.
Then it was a Russian book. At the moment it Belarusian translation. Already the 64th to the foreign language, as I understand. It is very similar to the Swedish. At least, it is with the same images, which I studied as a child. This illustration Ingrid Vang Nyman Danish. " Daughter Astrid Lindgren Karin Nyman
gathered to read the beginning of the work. Dmitriy Plaks translation read:

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