Plan on Olympic medal canceled?

Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov said the president of the Belarusian National Olympic Committee (NOC), Alexander Lukashenko, has not yet determine, whether it will go to Beijing.

NAC, the embassy made every effort in order to stay now heads the country was at the highest level

Beijing Olympics organizing committee said in the capital of China’s leaders are going to come forty countries. Will among them Alexander Lukashenko, who heads the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus?
"He will accept the decision, of course, himself. But NAC Embassy our country withdid everything measures in order to stay now head of the country and the people who accompany him, was at the highest level ", — says Minister Grigorov.
During his speech to reporters, which lasted almost an hour, Alexander Grigorov never said how many medals this time plan to get Belarusian Olympians. And the only answer to the question of journalists became clear why the minister did without these numbers:
"Today, our task — to get to 20 naisilneyshy sports world and the ability to outshine up our better performances in Sydney, when the Belarusian Olympians captured 17 medals including 3 gold."
Using that reason that Alexander Grigorov raised the issue of accreditation of journalists in Beijing, I asked him, maybe there still return Olympic accreditation Belarusian newspaper "Pressball." In This year in late February at a meeting of the NAC decided sports bureaucrats — not worth publishing work in Beijing because Tipo discredits the Olympic movement. The occasion was an article by journalist, formerly known athlete Svetlana Paramygina. She told how through obscure Russian firm laundered big money spent on training Belarusian athletes.

We did not receive accreditation, held on February 28. A 29th deadline has been

The Minister said that the renewal of accreditation will not be;
"The accreditation of all the media have already passed. This topic is closed. "
Chief Editor of "Pressball" Vladimir Edges notes:
"Bureaucrats in this perfectly prepared. NOC Executive Committee meeting at which we were deprived of accreditation, held on February 28. A 29th deadline has been. But I do not believe that nothing can be changed. I remember a case where accreditation vorachivalas edition almost a week before the start of the Olympics. And it was in Belarus. "
The best athlete in 2007 Belarus Ivan Tikhon Pronunciation of "freedom" that he often reads "Pressball":
"But I have a newspaper there were certain things, as it is at the time when I won, not very favorable to me. Why? When dealing with journalists, they gave me were that nothing wrong for you do not have. But why- either always wrote me with a garchynkay. Maybe I’m not liking something or something else …
As for accreditation, then I do not know the whole situation. And therefore make certain conclusions have no right. "

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