Plaque Ya.Brylya establish its role without kids

Relatives national writer, who died in the summer of 2006, warned just now. The scion is currently in the Land of the Rising Sun, one of the daughters — outside Minsk. To come to a celebration at the announced time Yankee Babes Bryl fail.
But the Department of Culture of Minsk Executive Committee and management organization of writers, made contrary to the existing one Belarusian Writers’ Union, defers the opening of a memorial plaque did not.
Now Yankee Bryl daughter Galina a call from the department of culture of Minsk Executive Committee and said that tomorrow at noon on the house number 78 on Masherov Avenue (former street Thrush) in Minsk, where the writer lived, will be a memorial plaque in his honor. Galina tried to prove that at this point in Minsk will no relatives Bryl. Well, the selection of its guests disappointed — the representatives of the pro-governmental Union of writers headed by Nikolai Cherginets, Department of Culture and the Ministry of Culture of Minsk city executive committee.
Natalia Semashkevich, another daughter Yankees Bryl, revealed that she is currently on the Niemen, on my father’s cottage, and his brother Andrew, the candidate is physically and Mathematical Sciences, conducts research in the land of the rising sun. They are just on the physical level can not get to Minsk at the appointed time. Request to postpone the celebration of the bureaucrats have not taken into account:
"That will be a revelation, we are now only found out. But I, for example, on the Niemen, and with all your own desire on the physical level will not reach there. Said that will Cherginets, Gnilomedov. Sister asked: What about the other writers’ union, where his father was constantly? What they do not know. We wish that moved at least weekly, brother vorachivaetsya. But we uttered that everything involved: the press will be guests. Well, let him open if they so decide. "
Reporter: "Almost without opening comes as relatives?"
"So, without family in Minsk at the moment no one. To us at least for a few days warned we would have arrived. But if it is from them such action, then let them and open up."
Reporter: "Alliance of Belarusian Writers, where he was member Yanka Bryl, also behind the action? "
"Apparently, they even do not know it. But really, all this time he was a member of that union. And if any questions, we always refer to Ales Pashkevich to rest. Only appeal to them if there are any prepyadstviya. "
Deputy Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Boris confirmed: no initiatives on the part of the writers’ organization or Mingorispolkom Senator Nicholas Charhinets together to commemorate the Yankees Bryl was not. But why so much attention on the part of the country to the creator, which is the same imperative bureaucrats never dove in life?
"I can only explain this one: they try every possible way to cling to the majestic name. On Actually Yanka Bryl left resentful, on the power first. When a spouse died, he wanted to bury her at Calvary Cemetery. But authorities have not allowed. And because if he died, then he has no choice and he asked me to put him next to his wife. And this is far from Minsk, Kolodishchi. In other words, when life does not helped, but here’s the kind of attention … In principle, it could be satisfied and the event. And the fact that we were not invited — it is not surprisingly. But that family treated the same way as with Ivan Antonovich, what can you do? Wildness lasts. But not surprisingly. They now wish to establish an award named Bykov. Although could 100% would predict response Vasily Vladimirovich, still alive, on the initiative. But the dead do not ask, unfortunately. And bureaucrats take advantage of this … "
Up in the management culture at all confirmed rumors that have the deepest emotions to Bryl in municipal structures not. That conversation piece with employee management, which is responsible for tomorrow’s event and, apparently, infinitely far from it. I asked what was the reason for the opening of a memorial plaque specifically May 27 — Ivan Antonovich was born in August 1917, and died on the 90 th year in the year before in July:
"June 22 he was born. And last year he would have been 100 years old. Other words it was that late board ordered. Prepared until a decision comes out, do not have time to eternity. And at the moment here just approaching 101 th anniversary. Late filed documents, and immediately have their procedure: while the decision is being prepared, he later ordered relief, the text is agreed. In other words its aspects were. Because in the past year and did not have time. For evermore. "
The initiative to install a plaque on the house where recent years Yanka Bryl lived, spoke Alliance of Writers of Belarus.
Help. Yanka Bryl was born August 4, 1917 in Odessa in the family of the railway. In 1922, along with his parents moved to their home in the village of Zagora today Korelichsky Grodno region. Polish finished seven years. In March 1939 drafted into the Polish army. In September, under Gdynia was in German captivity in 1941 fled to his homeland. Since 1942 — connected partisan brigade named Zhukov Baranovichsky compound Scout Brigade "Komsomolets", editor of "The banner of freedom" and the satirical leaflet "Partisan gigolo."
Since 1944 he lived in Minsk. Worked in magazines "Hedgehog", "Youth", "Flame", published by the Municipal BSSR. Member of the Writers’ Union since 1945. In 1966 — 1971-m — the secretary of the Writers’ Union of the Byelorussian SSR. Twice elected to the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR. Member of the Belarusian PEN Center since 1989.
Decorated with 2 Orders of Red Banner, Russian War II degree, Friendship of Peoples, "Symbol of Honor", Russian and Polish medals.
In 1981 he was awarded the title of "People’s Writer of Belarus."

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