Poleshuki crave Ukrainian scenario

Not so long ago, she traveled to the southern districts of the Gomel and now knows journalist Alexander Ulitenko how in Polessye outback perceive economic realities.
 "… The first question to our group all had one thing: why prices are rising so fast? Ask, because the price tag associated with the Ukrainian. Borderland inhabitants often have to go there and take all necessary inclusive with food. Indeed, there are cheaper! People do not understand the Belarusian economic policy … "
Ulitenok: "And how do you people work was characterized vertically?"
Hraznova: "More favorable industry monopolized all the best in the hands of people close to the president … As a result — the lack of competition among producers and traders. As a result, we have no regular rates. Reads about another fundamental component — the pompous remake limitless funding."
Ulitenok: "How backwoods refers to the planned and already built palaces supergmahav yes?"
Hraznova: "Totally no positive case. Said:" We’d better clinic, we’d better affordable housing! "
Ulitenok: "Well, Your score — Candidate of Economic Sciences, a prominent politician?"
Hraznova: "Belarus needs to replicate the experience of Poles, Czechs, and in a sense, already even Ukrainians — there should not reinvent the wheel. Konkurentnst First give, give the opportunity to earn a small business, you do not push the ordinary, do not monitor their every move!"
Ulitenok"And you have not heard from people such a world, when it was part of the changes: as the power suddenly changed, then something is surely fall and that disturbed the stability to which they are accustomed slowly-slowly, even with all the obvious unguarded?"

"This I’ve heard a couple of years back, when it was due to the rise of Russian economic assistance. Now people feel just lowering the economic level."
Ulitenok: "So — they are not afraid of reform?"
Hraznova: "No, especially the southern regions, which are familiar with the experience of economic reform in Ukraine and even Russia. So they project themselves. And if you have previously looked at the Poles with the Czechs, not to mention zahodneevrapeytsav as people from another planet , at the moment of their own experience says "chap-Slavs": now we need to live differently, to live better. People feel the need to go for reform. They said: it’s not scary, it’s okay, because it gives only profit and sense own pluses. "

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