Policy route of days will have passed

Politicians gathered at 11 o’clock on the area around the monument Yakub Kolas. After laying flowers Lavon Barshcheuski Kolosovsky read the poem "the paper". Anatoly Lebedko said that on March 30 at the 18th hour decided to gather in October Square to express solidarity with the arrested demonstrators in the day Will and journalists, in which pressure is made. On to the present action Lebedko said:
"We such makarom show complete stupidity of the Belarusian authorities. We wish to show that was occur on the 25th. People came and laid flowers, passed along the route and went home to celebrate. Us just necessary to show the contrast here. "
Lavon Barshcheuski read the works of poets and around monuments Yanka Kupala and Maxim Bogdanovich — after, as it were laid flowers.
"Failed to assign the 25th, they just broke flowers. Not allowed to see one of the monuments. Must also all the same accomplish what we planned. Our classic literature is not to blame, that the authority which will not let me lay flowers. "
Take the route of days will decide PKB and friends. Secretary of the Communist Party Skrigan Lena said that was on the action on March 25:
"Violent dispersal of this action again states that, that no progress in the democratization of the Belarusian authorities failed. Go to the square, to lay flowers must have every opportunity, and if he want to. Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Maxim Bogdanovich — these are the people who have done so much for the Belarusians, these colors that we never have to pay. "
First deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka said:
"And the route, and the date and occasion, and our attitude indicates that the authorities have no strategy, no strategy behavior. And if they think such makarom show the world that are kept under the control of the situation here, the world is, on the contrary, asks the questions: if they can not keep control over another as a massacre, the means at their no force? "
Viktor Ivashkevich said that the democratic forces will find various forms of demonstration own position:
"Not to increase the range of regime repressed people favorites UDF decided to take individual responsibility and still go that route, which the authorities are allowed on March 25." Chernobyl Way ", I think it will also be a mass action. Which forms, the organizing committee has will open a discussion. "
For laying flowers followed a 2-10-s policemen in civilian clothes, were made operational video. Police showed particular interest to politicians, who gave interviews to the media.
Vintsuk Vyachorka summarizes:

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