Political decision to accept nuclear power, the Security Council

The final decision read in advance
Assistant Chairman of the State Academy Alexander Zaborowski explained to Radio Liberty: still a little early yet read that a final decision on the construction of nuclear power plants specifically in Gorki district on Kukshinovskoy site:
"Reads that any selected area completely — is not quite so, this in-1’s. Vo-2, self justification and detalizavanne — when, where and how to build — with all of these factors will be announced after committee meeting of the highest level, made in the Council of Ministers. head of this commission — Vladimir Ilyich Semashko.
And after all the working materials produced on site selection committee will be subject to review, after which it will be officially announced position, which takes overall control of the Council of Ministers, which is recommended for a political decision. Because now it’s only discussion that will be considered in the Council of Ministers, and then will be submitted to the final verdict, which will go and the scientific part, and the financial part, which is generally associated with the development of these regions. Because little prematurely state that everything is already decided. And while there is a position voiced by Misha V. Myasnikovich as deputy chairman. But the final decision will be taken, the Security Council. "
"Belarus — no seismic area because the main thing — the economic factor"
Director of the Research Institute for Nuclear problems BSU doctor Vladimir Baryshevski consider all the relevant government sites for the construction of NPP harmless:
"I honestly do not know what all the sites differ from each other. We do not seismic region. Republic stands, so to speak, in what pastamentse granite, majestically. Because the main thing — to not have the fault station, but geologists know Pripyat this fault, and no one has ….
I think there may be economic reasons only. Economic, cultural. And maybe even between regions are fighting for it: around infrastructure jobs. Here there is a lot of nice for those who have it will be next. "
"The guys from the BPF said that I — for NPP"
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Goretskogo and once head of the serious construction Alexander Papytaev said now, "Freedom", it is one hundred percent support the intention to build a nuclear power plant on the site Kukshinovskoy.
"Well, come here to me, there are men of the BPF, which is against. Them I said that until the matter is resolved. And there is nothing to open a discussion. And personally said that I — for the construction of a nuclear power plant."
Alexandra ask Papytaeva clarify on what to base his belief. It reads:
"NPP building need, even if we do. This is a common option. This and jobs, and infrastructure development. I do not think that everything will be built in Orsha for staff. Bitter also get something."
Vyachorka: "Do not allow construction of Russian nuclear power plant in Belarus"
First deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka said over plans to build nuclear power plant in Belarus:
"I think that the thesis of control in this case should be home. If we talk about the party position, the BPF party yesterday at the Diet this question open a discussion. We have a position — to prevent the construction of Russian nuclear power plant in Belarus. On other issues, continue the public debate , but you must first claim the authorities maximum disk imaging feasibility study, the mechanism and the arguments for selecting a foreign partner, etc.
It is only when such criteria of transparency, openness not only Belarusian society, and the world to take a very fundamental for our energy security strategic decision. "
Lyabedzka: "With all this mode, you can not build nuclear power plants"
Co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko said about the government’s plans regarding the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus:
"The State Executive Committee held a special UDF round table on the topic. Was quite fascinating debate and was a recommendation, supported fully all the structures that have participated in this event. Essence of its kind — with all this political regime which is different from the mode made the Chernobyl disaster, you can not build nuclear power plants. This is the only position that was supported by all actors SLM.
To this question you need to enter at least a moratorium until such time as there is no responsible government that will awe and deal with information that will make a decision only after the public debate. Here is what you can now record as a single approach. There is no political structure that said "yes" to the regime led by Lukashenko to build a nuclear power plant. "
"We are ramping up to collect signatures"
Edward Brokarau
— One of the initiators of the collection of signatures against the construction of nuclear power plants in Gorki district in Belarus in general. March first was collected first tyscha signatures of local residents, which activists redirected to respond to the House of Representatives.
"At this power, in my opinion, the left hand does not know what the right one. One reads about Krasnopolyanskaya, the other has been on Kukshinovskoy. Because is not that all of a sudden it was just on the level of the power of such steps we in principle, and wait for something they can not severe. Personally I do not believe that they do build this station … And from our side will be such a reaction that we are activating in collecting signatures. Because this information people interested in and will inform those who do not know about the latest solutions. "
"Kukshinovo — Village endangered"

According to the chairman of the village council Avsyanskaga Gorki district Nicholas Janchenko Village Kukshinovo — endangered, there is no school, no shop, no institutions welfare projects. Half of the village houses — empty. Several houses Babes former villagers use for villas.
"It’s hard to judge — Sovereign states Janchenko — in the meantime discussions are all very incorrect. I also read in the newspaper world Misha Myasnikovich. But where no official data about ask, I answer:" Will the decision and then you will know. "

Kukshinovskaya site (Google Maps)
"NPP asks a lot of water, and about Kukshinovo not have huge reservoirs"

Head of the Department of Agricultural Radiology Hoerki selhozakademii Gennady Chernuha not against the construction of a nuclear power plant. But the scientist ranges that Kukshinovskaya playground meets all technological requirements.
"For the work of a nuclear power plant requires a huge amount of water. That place is called, there are no rivers or lakes is quite huge. Their here generally do not, some streams flow" — said Gennady Chernuha.
"It’s a matter of geopolitical choice"

BPF Party requested a feasibility study for the construction of nuclear power plants and information on the fate of spent fuel.
"The citizens of Belarus were not just witnesses, as the management of the country, excluding public perceptions perceived arbitrary decisions and wasting a lot of money, build objects far not the first actual need. Creation of industrial facilities for the country’s energy security through diversification of sources of energoelementov time there on this day The primary urgent necessity. But the construction of nuclear power plants — this is not the construction of an ice palace or library. This question geopolitical choice. "
"Kukshinovskaya NPP?"
In an interview with BelTA Misha Myasnikovich said that a special commission has ended its con
sideration of possible sites and concluded that the area is best Kukshinovskaya meets the requirements for the construction of nuclear power plants.
According to Misha Myasnikovich, there is no reason that would have forbade the construction of the station on Kukshinovskoy site. On the second place Commission has Ostrovets and third Krasnopolyanskaya site.
Special materials are oriented to the government of Belarus.
Village Kukshinovo located 50 km from Mogilev, 14 from Gourock and 33 kilometers from Shklow. By the Belarusian-Russian border 30 km.

In the village lives of 28 people, 27 of them elderly. Previously, the village belonged to the farm "Precepts of Ilyich", presently agricultural enterprise "Oatmeal." By the central manor farm village Oatmeal seventeen miles. Three kilometers from the village is the railway station "Bison".

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