Power urges opposition radykalizavatstsa

The Tribunal ordered the defendants to pay more than 2 million rubles in favor of the company. Recall that the action taken place in Minsk on October 14 last year.
According to the lawyer Alexander Galiyev, motivational part of the court had not yet submitted.
"We believe the suit groundless and illegal. There’s a huge number of parts, which need to read. And this can be judge after we receive the motivational part. But we did not recognize the claim. "
First court hearing on this agenda came out on February 25. "Gorremavtodor" Mingorispolkom claimed the applicant to offset the costs of cleaning the streets after a march of more than 2-million rubles. Now these funds have to pay the applicants — Alexander Milinkevich, Viktor Ivashkevich, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Anatoly Lebedko, Dmitriy Fedoruk and Eugene Afnahel.
But this claim is not the last. A waiting list of about eight similar lawsuits, said Anatoly Lebedko, who was walking to all meetings of the Court:
"A very bad precedent. What can after, how was it or other event — and this was in October, — present a real lawsuit, and despite the fact there there will be no 1st confirmed nor 1st facts proving guilt can be taken sufficiently large fines. And such makarom radykalizavatstsa power leads us and make this relationship with the legal sphere to the disaster, unorganized action on the street.
This is due to the total current situation. Country leaves evenly with the brain. This is one part of the impact on government opponents. "Tags: Lebedko, lawsuit, European, march

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