Press secretary responded to Dassault Rafale enemy attacks

Someone Peronne Paul (Paul Péronnet) published some critical comments about the Rafale fighter blog newspaper Le Monde (January 28). Director of Public Relations company Dassault Aviation Stefan Fort (Stéphane Fort, pictured) found it necessary to remind him some facts.
Rafale Fighter … is the fruit of knowledge and effort of more than 500 French companies located throughout the country. This fighter is not a product of international market research and marketing, and was created at the request of the French Armed Forces in accordance with the requirements of its national security. All countries possessing advanced military aviation industry, such as the USA, England, Germany, Italy, Spain and even Sweden, develop combat aircraft only by municipal finance. Rafale is an exception, because 25% of the cost to develop it undertook Dassault Aviation, Snecma and Thales.

In addition, Rafale is a product with the highest concentration of technology of the future (according to the research center of the White House, the United States, it is concentrated 17 of 22 important strategic technologies).

And finally, if Rafale was not created, but recently would not have been the Air Force and Naval Air France. Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft operated here for 34 years, Mirage F1 — 46 years, Super Etendard — 38. If you take military equipment abroad, we must abandon the thousands of jobs and technologies in France. Rafale allows France 40 years to build and operate these aircraft.

Fascinating commentary under this note (give some of them):

— Rafale is a unique airplane, which is sold only in France (without competition) and, finally, sold to India after the tender. USSR was the only socialist state, France is the only state «Rafale». French taxpayers still have to pay 40 billion euros for the creation of these aircraft, which can fly at a speed of Mach 1.7 only just. We need the brakes. Dassault celebrating a victory, and I’m so overwhelmed with taxes. Any French family will pay 49 euros for this program from.

— For the next 20 years, we have to pay for 40 billion euros Rafale. Annual budget deficit of France is 100 billion, the country’s total debt is 1.7 trillion in three years it will be $ 2 trillion. The aim of these people is to strangle the middle class.

— There are two ways. If you pay 50 euros per year on aaplet Rafale, these funds will be used to provide jobs for thousands of French, and if you do not want to, then those same 50 euros will be spent on jobs for the Yankees or the British. I chose France!

— Even Sweden has 9 million inhabitants successfully implements export fighter than France.

— The vast majority of the components of the aircraft will be performed in France, even if India will create cooperated license. Funds from the technology transfer will fund the development of futuristic shock UAV Neuron, which is being developed in conjunction with Dassault six European countries. We should be proud that such UAVs created in France. British export woes suffered four in a row with their fighters Eurofighter.

— We must not forget that the development of new military technologies and has a beneficial effect on the civilian industry. We must all strive to ensure that the French took advantage of technology demand in the world. No need to envy.

— Statement by the Press Secretary Dassault weird coincides with the beginning of the presidential campaign in France. But we have yet to sign a contract with India. Now India said only that it was ready to begin negotiations with Dassault Industrial Group. There is a possibility that negotiations could fail. Trying to conclude a contract, Dassault can go a substantial depreciation of its own export supply, and this may cause an increase in prices for fighters who zatarivaemsya its for our defense.

— I prefer that our armed forces are equipped with the French-made aircraft, not the U.S. or China.

— Why not join France in time to programmke Eurofighter? Since France longs to have «ultra-universal ‘plane made from start to finish on their own. Rafale can do function superiority fighter advantages in the air strike and reconnaissance tasks, to be the bearer of nuclear weapons. This fighter is a unique system tools capable to change planes other classes. In aerial combat it exceeds its own main rivals, including the F-22.

— Even the Americans are unable to make missiles «air-air» level MICA!

— Create your own combat aircraft is a matter of international prestige of France.

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