Prince Myshkin plays on Christmas Eve

Illegal in the Soviet era poem Kupala "At Christmas Pudding" is filled with magic, images, symbols, allegories that peraplavlyayutstsa in complete philosophical system of the poet — philosopher about the fate of the Belarusians.
Murmuring against destructive obedience of the people and the inability to get out of the darkness, the pain of unshed lost freedom and uncertainty of the future, hope for Discovery roots and unity for the sake of finding light in the poem "On Christmas Pudding" is the level of acute emotions and perspective are the merits of cosmic proportions. Reading Kupalu, feel that way Tipo closely in literary form, she asks music to achieve much in space. And Kupalovskaya words such music received.
Thought synthesize Kupalovskaya words with music came from writer and music critic Dmitry Podberezskaya. This — his second appeal to the poem "On Christmas Pudding." In 1982, the director Natalia Artimovich he made the statement telespektaklya. On This time he wrote the text so that it will be complemented by the music group "Prince Myshkin". Why now sought some form of brand new poems to read a hundred years ago?
Dmitry Podberezskaya "Midsummer wrote about us. Wrote that Belarusians are ready for some changes in my life, but ready. To do this, they do nothing. What was burning in the early 20 th century, and the first is a live the 21st century. But music has changed — that curious. "
Indeed, the people of the 21st century to think about this classic is ready in the forms and aesthetic categories own century — agree Podberezskaya musicians of intuitive improvisation "Prince Myshkin". So that brings the text of the dome early 20th-century avant-garde music of the 21st century? Explains the artist Victor Semashko:
"In 1-x freshness and relevance of the topic. Vo-2, we live in a cultural place in the same country, where he lived Kupala. And, frankly, we ourselves were surprised when traditional text put to music. We do not know what happens. But, surprisingly, came out quite harmoniously. "
The combination of classical music with the avant-garde gave fruit. Music expands place text, displays it in a place of cosmic. Zone of silence filled expression, push the viewer into the philosophical subtext Kupala.
What kind of life this sudden prospect of experimental work? I continue to talk with the musician Victor Semashko.
Semashko: "This, I think, will benefit our culture, promotion of good poetry. And good music, hope, too. "
Rakytskyy: "Think through a form of kids join Kupala poetry?"
Semashko: "I think so. And kids and adults. Currently very popular audio books. And even I think, Now the text is better understood not written on paper, and specifically at the hearing. "

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