Printers as censors

Now readers of regional independent newspaper "Borisov announcements" with a significant delay receive the next issue of this publication. Unexpected delay caused censorship in one of Minsk printing. By order of its management more than 3 thousand copies of the newspaper "Borisov announcements" went under the knife.
Founder, publisher and chief editor of "Borisov announcements" Anatol Bukas refuses to call Minsk printing whose leaders acted as censors. Under their knife got a room with memo "third offspring Lukashenko." The editor claims that there are technical reasons for Kolya Lukashenko material did not appear in the restored impose. "It will be in the upcoming" — promises Anatol Bukas and explains the reasons for this:
"Today the inhabitants Borisova not have the means to receive several publications at once. Because when I’m doing the next issue to publish, then pick up such items which are not printed in the municipal media, and those that will be exciting for our readers. Since we currently have removed this article, it will be placed in a subsequent issue. "
We will not retell the article "Third scion Lukashenko." With the permission of the newspaper, we placed it on the website of Radio Liberty on the Web. Meanwhile Anatol Bukas editor says that the example of censorship over the newspaper even in personal publishing forcing journalists to consolidate:
"For example, I no coming for independent media under the current regime can not see. If all private editions together and somehow were able to open the border in Russia or Ukraine printing press, it would be in this situation perfectly."
Offer online Bukas is discussed at the moment in the Belarusian Association of Journalists. Here that reads Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets:
"Let me remind you previously worked in Belarus personal printing" Magic ", which was printed in most of the non-state media. But during the elections in 2001, the newspaper began to emerge with white spots. After have gained through other ways that this personal-independent printing press has been to serve . ‘Cause I do not think that the proposal for the next personal publishing can solve the problem. Our means — this appeal to the courts and the prosecutor’s office. Also solidarity and openness of what’s happening . "
Facilitator: So says the deputy chairman Andrei Bastunets BAJ. Incidentally, just Now he and a group of activists is Bazhan in Slonim. At the meeting, the executive committee is discussed in problem-independent weekly "newspaper Slonim." Editorial him before June 1 must release paid for 7 years building the plant premises in domestic service.
Help "Freedom": Today in Belarus remains only about 30 independent newspapers. Most of them are excluded from the municipal distribution systems.
Text notes, which were due to be destroyed 3,000 copies of the newspaper "Borisov announcements" (the original version):
Third scion Alexander Lukashenko
Truth or fiction?

In the Belarusian blogosphere erupted hot debate. Unfatiguable Internet on the website of the Central Election Commission of Belarus information on marital status, income and property presidential candidate in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.
As is clear on income declaration should mention all the next of kin candidate. So it is, except, perhaps, the 1st aspect — in this document does not mention Nicole Lukashenko, 3rd offspring head of government.
As the "Solidarity", a reference to find on the website of the Central Election Commission document published one lemantar.
Pass the link on the reduction of goner Alexander Lukashenko, is easy to verify that the document are only two offspring — Victor and Dmitry. About any 3rd NO word. It is clear that as long as it’s small, accordingly, does not have their own income. But along the ground declaration has postscript — "granddaughter and grandson Alexander Lukashenko Had no income in 2005 and did not own property. " In other words, in theory, the line should have been and information on Nicole Lukashenko. But about it here is not a word.
The fact that the president of Belarus has a third son, for the first time spoke aloud relatively recently — after, as the baby was with Alexander Lukashenko at the April cleanup. Then news agency "Interfax" seemingly casually said that Alexander Lukashenko 3 offspring. Younger name is Nick, he is 4.
Here is the information — the main. It turns out that Nicholas was born in 2004. And correspondingly owed be specified in the document submitted to the CEC.
Even the official media did not make the third son of Enigma Lukashenko. In Sunday programm "Contours" ONT, the plot devoted to Alexander Lukashenko traveled to Brest, again figured scion President Nicholas. When the guests were treated to the highest pancakes boy asked the head of the nation, "Dad, why it cool?" NARRATOR Vosled referred boy "Lukashenko Jr." "Nasha Niva".
But in the 2005 Declaration of Nicole Lukashenko is not a word. So that still leaves? — Ask a question lemantar. "Knowing about the existence of a third son, Lukashenko made no mention of it in His own declaration, and the Chief of the Central Executive Committee, aware of the existence of a third son, made no hint that the document does not even mention it!"
But it is well known that for providing false information in the declaration of a goner candidate may be refused registration. But this, as we know, did not work.
So it turns out after all? No Nicole Lukashenko in 2005 was not yet? Colleagues of "Interfax" wrong with toddler age, and it is essentially younger? Lukashenko or deliberately does not have razabrats in the document? Then why?
In addition, in the declaration that Lukashenko married. And razabrats spouse is 1955 Area Lukashenko birth.

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