Procession to Dzyady authorities allowed

Collection — November 2 at 12 pm on the East Cemetery. The organizers called on people to come with flowers to commemorate Vasil Bykov, Igor Hermyanchuk, Gennady Karpenko, Vladimir Karmilkin and other public figures.
Participants of the rally will be from the East to the memorial cemetery Kurapaty.
The applicants noted that members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF gather around the watch factory. Later, the two columns on the street zliyutstsa Kalinowski.
Applicants invited to come to share not only with flowers, and with white-red-white flags, to show that no one podlomlen that a democratic society is not destroyed. Organizers emphasize that the action is only a peaceful disposition and will not be unnecessary excesses.
In the photo: the CCP BPF activists during the "Grandfathers" acts Yuri Belenky.

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