Production volume will be increased Yarygin pistols

Production volume will be increased Yarygin pistols
Plant «Izhmeh» which comes the concern «Kalashnikov», ready to increment output Yarygin pistols at least 30%, said September 21, 2013 the deputy director of the concern, the control «of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant» Vladimir Maier.
«The company made power up to 25 thousand pieces a year. I think that now Yarygin pistols in general law enforcement agencies are loaded with 70 percent in some places, in other words, you can dozagruzit «- said V. Meyer.
He noted that if there is a need for additional capacity, the plant will be able to swiftly enough to solve this puzzle, said the press service of the company.
«I really hope that there may occur some movement on the basis of beliefs orders not only from law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense, maybe will respond,» — said the deputy director of the group, adding that the total production of «Izhmeha» state order is only four percent.
According to Mr. Mayer, «Izhmeh» is the only enterprise in Russia, save the serial short-creation tools and using modern technology. «The equipment, of course, not ours, Taiwan, but it is normally based on the beliefs and performance based on the belief prices. This allows you to get a quality product, «- identified V.Mayer.
To «Izhmehe» embarked on a rocket parts «Whirlwind» under a contract with the Defense Ministry concern «Kalashnikov».
«We need to let the product February, which will provide further assembly products for» Izhmash «. Final assembly will take place at the parent company, to «Izhmehe», and we will supply parts, «- said V. Meyer.

Production volume will be increased Yarygin pistols


Yarygin pistol — semi-automatic pistol Russian production. Designed by a team of designers under the control of VA Yarygin standard is to «IMZ».
In 2003, under the name «9mm Yarygin» was adopted by the Russian Federation Armed Forces, reports ITAR-TASS.

Concern «Kalashnikov» — the largest cluster weapons, formed on the basis of Izhevsk arms companies NGOs «Izhmash» and «IMZ». In the future, it will include Vyatskie Polyansky Machine Works «The Hammer», KBAL them. LN Koshkin (Klimovsk) and thread «Progress» (Izhevsk).
Concern is naikrupneyshim Russian manufacturer of automatic and sniper combat guns, guided artillery shells, also a wide range of civilian products — shotguns, sporting rifles, machines and tools.

Concern will be the main strategic center Rosteh to develop new areas of production, including high-precision weapons and ammunition, as well naikrupneyshim manufacturer promising shooting complexes, air-gun and rocket-artillery armament for the Russian army.

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